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Indiana, Ohio, Michigan > Any other Chiro's wives or SO's going to Columbus Oct 17-19?
mommyto3girls's Avatar mommyto3girls 01:13 PM 09-03-2008
Are you the wife, husband, or significant other of a Chiropractor in Ohio?

Will you be in Columbus Oct 17-19 with your Little Ones while your "other" attends the Ohio State Chiropractic Association Conference?

Do you want to hang out so our little ones can play and we can enjoy some like minded conversation?

smanore's Avatar smanore 10:39 PM 09-04-2008

I don't know if you'd be interested, but LLL of Ohio is holding its breastfeeding and parenting conference that same weekend in Dublin, OH (a suburb of Columbus). You can check out the conference brochure by going to It's both the breastfeeding/parenting conference as well as a Health Professional Seminar that Friday and Saturday. The hotel is beautiful. If you want more info PM me. Sue
mommyto3girls's Avatar mommyto3girls 11:47 AM 09-05-2008
Thanks Sue, I saw that too, but I will have all three girls and no one to help "supervise" them. I tink we may have decided to cancel the trip anyway. Matt has the CE hours he needs for the year and we should really save the money.