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My*Scorpio's Avatar My*Scorpio 01:04 PM 09-06-2008
Help eliminate Medicaid funding for circumcision in Michigan! If you are an intactivist and a Michigan taxpayer, it shoud make your blood boil that your hard earned money is being spent on routine infant circumcision. With the economy being as it is, there are so many better things the state can do with $2,596,237.

harrietsmama's Avatar harrietsmama 03:13 PM 09-07-2008
I'm here, and as a medicaid/medicare recipient I would rather have it cover gas reimbursement like it used to so I can get the full care I need to stay healthy and productive!
My 6.5 yo intact boy just discovered the other day that there's more to his parts than he knew! Mommy! Look!:
bubs8's Avatar bubs8 01:47 AM 09-09-2008
thanks for posting this Jennifer. I know who I'll be calling tomorrow! (and the day after and the day after and the day after. Dh just told me our roll over minutes will be expiring soon and I can't think of anything better to use them on!)