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mamalara's Avatar mamalara 01:34 PM 09-07-2008
Can you recommend a dentist? We're in Troy, MI. I'm specifically looking for a non-drill-happy variety of practice (more gentle care if possible.) I'm ready to take our 3yr old for his first appt, and would love to find someone that is also very child friendly, of course! I can't wait to hear you suggestions... thank-you in advance!


oakparkveggie's Avatar oakparkveggie 04:00 PM 09-07-2008
We love Dr. Nyquist in RO:
birthangeldoula's Avatar birthangeldoula 07:59 PM 09-07-2008
I dont like going to the dentist, but since moving here I found one that is very friendly to cowards such as myself

I see Dr. Burdua
mamalara's Avatar mamalara 12:06 AM 09-08-2008
Thank-you! I'm writing these names down right now. I feel a surge of hope!
larkish's Avatar larkish 11:33 AM 09-08-2008
Originally Posted by oakparkveggie View Post
We love Dr. Nyquist in RO:
Just went to him recently and had a flouride free cleaning! The hygenist was very nice and was telling me about yoga and eating naturally.

They didn't have a cool train like my dentist growing up but they were super friendly and natural :
ldsmom06's Avatar ldsmom06 05:28 PM 09-10-2008
I finally went to Apple dental in warren, after my family kept telling me too. My family all goes there and they drive 1.5hr to them and they love them. I thought they were really nice too and they said they LOVE seeing children.
Shanana's Avatar Shanana 11:38 PM 09-10-2008
Lara, we just started seeing Dr. Rousseau at Maple and Telegraph. It's a holistic practice, no fluoride, they support not vaxing, etc. He is very nice and not pushy. Haven't taken M in yet (yes, I am procrastinating), but the practice came highly recommended by several people as a very good, holistic practice. The number is 248-642-5460.

I hope to see you soon ... we've been homebodies lately ...
royaloakmi's Avatar royaloakmi 07:15 PM 09-12-2008
My dh has seen Dr. Nyquist and I have heard good things about him.

I have taken my twins to Dr. Ostroth in Royal Oak (13 mile and Crooks) since we began dental visits when they were around 3.5 yo. The office is fantastic with kids - my son had to have two fillings after his first visit (which came as no surprise to me) - and it was really easy - no restraints, I was in the room, etc. I declined flouride the first time and they've never brought it up again.

I go there too
Shanana's Avatar Shanana 09:52 PM 09-12-2008
Oops, forgot to mention that I think I read on a previous thread here that someone took their child to see Rousseau, and they used a laser acupuncture technique to manage pain during a filling I believe, and it worked really well. I might be shaky on the details, but that's the gist of it.
Shanana's Avatar Shanana 09:55 PM 09-12-2008
Janansmom's Avatar Janansmom 03:41 PM 10-07-2008
We have used Dr. Rousseau for 2 years now and LOVE him. My daughter had to have a pitted area (not cavity) filled and he used a laser rather than pain medication. She felt NOTHING and it was amazing! : I second everyone who has recommended him. Not enough good things to say!
My*Scorpio's Avatar My*Scorpio 04:16 PM 10-07-2008
How does it work to use a laser for pain? Where is the laser directed?