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kriket's Avatar kriket 04:07 PM 09-15-2008
Hi mamas!

I went to babys R us by the Dayton Mall and they have nothing.... : they had 2 styles of Hotslings, for $50 and NO cloth, no pins, no wraps. I think they had one co sleeper. They did have baby bjorn pottys. Anyways, I am WAYYY disappointed!!

Where is a good place in Southern Ohio, or Columbus that has cloth dipes? I really need to touch and see a few different kinds to get my brain wrapped around the idea of which one I like better!

So, clue me into the know wise mamas!

baileyandmikey's Avatar baileyandmikey 11:33 AM 09-20-2008
online... is an excellent place, great service, great dipes!
Valerieg's Avatar Valerieg 05:08 PM 09-20-2008
I'm not sure what they have up in Dayton but in Cincinnati there is a store downtown Park & Vine ( and the new Cincinnati Family Enrichment Center also has a little shop inside with slings and such.

I've found that the best way to find cloth dipes is to talk to people in the area that use them. I look at the ones they use and then end up ordering online.
Literate's Avatar Literate 06:28 PM 10-17-2008
I just went to Park + Vine for the first time and they've got EVERYTHING. Bum Genius, Imsie Vimsie, Fuzzy Bunz, Kleen Kanteen, natural rubber pacifiers, etc. etc.

If you go, tell them Literate sent you!