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lilylove's Avatar lilylove 10:54 AM 09-17-2008
There is going to be a free babywearing class on Sunday the 28th at 3p, at the Poppy Seed Deli in downtown Lake Orion. We will cover the basics of babywearing, including carrier options and how to use them, and trouble shooting.
Feel free to bring any questions and carriers you need help with. We will have a variety of different carriers for you to see and try.

See you then :

CawMama's Avatar CawMama 02:11 PM 09-17-2008
I'll be there if I don't have a cold!
lilylove's Avatar lilylove 02:14 PM 09-17-2008
Hey, Miss Sassy
mamamook's Avatar mamamook 02:55 PM 09-17-2008
We may come and socialize...just because it's so close and convenient. I can bring a few carriers that people can try out if you want to have more available.
CawMama's Avatar CawMama 05:53 PM 09-17-2008 would be great to see you!
courtenay_e's Avatar courtenay_e 07:56 PM 09-19-2008
Bumping for Sandy! :
lilylove's Avatar lilylove 07:25 PM 09-22-2008

ee_lime's Avatar ee_lime 10:52 PM 09-22-2008
I am going to try and make it.Due to some back pain recently with my ring sling, I want to see any and all wraps and mei tais [sp?]
Sandy..I remember you had a freehand a couple of summers ago that I absolutely loved because it was so nice and broken in already...will you bring that if you still have it
TefferTWH's Avatar TefferTWH 11:09 PM 09-22-2008
Ohh, will there be various types to try?
lilylove's Avatar lilylove 09:24 AM 09-23-2008
Yes and Yes
Ms. Mom's Avatar Ms. Mom 10:25 AM 09-25-2008
This sounds great Sandy! Too bad my kids are too big for a sling.
lilylove's Avatar lilylove 10:33 AM 09-25-2008
Well you could always jsut come on up and enjoy good tea and company!!

I miss you!
lilylove's Avatar lilylove 09:57 AM 09-28-2008
See you this afternoon!! :