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My*Scorpio's Avatar My*Scorpio 05:49 PM 10-01-2008
October Natural Parenting/Babywearing Meeting Sat 10/11 @ 2pm

Location: Good Food
74 W. Maple Rd., Troy, MI (on the northwest corner of Livernois)


Our goals are
1) To bring together experienced "babywearers" with people who want help choosing and using a baby carrier.
2) To provide information and support for anyone interested in any aspect of natural parenting.

My*Scorpio's Avatar My*Scorpio 12:05 AM 10-07-2008

Shanana's Avatar Shanana 10:44 PM 10-09-2008
Bumping for someone I met today who might be interested in attending ...
gun's Avatar gun 08:38 AM 10-10-2008
See you tomorrow!!
ldsmom06's Avatar ldsmom06 10:43 AM 10-11-2008
I haven't been to good foods in awhile are you just meeting in their cafe?
My*Scorpio's Avatar My*Scorpio 12:15 PM 10-11-2008
Yes, and the cafe is in the back.
my2sons0930's Avatar my2sons0930 03:06 PM 10-11-2008
the boys and I are coming
ldsmom06's Avatar ldsmom06 04:42 PM 10-11-2008
I am leaving hopefully it will still be going on when I get there. Dh decided to mow the lawn when I was supposed to leave so I had to wait