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GoddessKristie's Avatar GoddessKristie 04:37 PM 10-02-2008
I'm trying to get a company called Azure Standard to start a delivery route that extends to Indianapolis. They have a HUGE line of products and many brands that you are already familiar with at a very nice discount from what you're used to paying in the store. The discount is much better if you don't have to pay the shipping charges, which is the case if there is a delivery route to your area.
I encourage you to go to and check out their products.
If you're interested in helping to get a delivery route started go here: and request information on deliveries to the Indy area.

Thanks mamas!

eheeter's Avatar eheeter 06:47 PM 10-06-2008
There are a few organic food co-ops in Indy. Have you looked into any of them? Check for indyorganics in Indyorganics is supplied by distributors with many products you might like (organic!).

Hope this helps you!