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DoulaClara's Avatar DoulaClara 01:53 PM 01-03-2009
That was my issue at Sparrow- the pediatrics resident (Dr Berry's resident; she had glasses, blonde hair, I forget her name but I bet if I look at my report it'll be on it) was the one who hounded me. The actual L&D surgical team basically said, "Great! Whatever you want!" and just did their thing. The Ped's resident asked me every time she saw me about the Vitamin K, and wrote on the orders (which I saw) for the nurses to ask me again. It was an annoyance, mostly- no threats or haggling outside of the typical scare tactics. I will say that she finally did stop once I told her that I thought that if a newborn doesn't produce Vit K in their intestines for a couple of weeks, there is probably a good reason why, and also that if there was a clotting disorder, we would have discovered it during the genetic screening heel slice. She actually paused and agreed that it made sense.

LivingUnderGrace's Avatar LivingUnderGrace 07:56 PM 01-26-2009
I had a preemie at Sparrow in Lansing almost 5 yrs ago and had no problems what so ever declining: PKU, Circ, Hep B, Eye ointment, Antibiotic IV, supplementary formula, or anything else.

I also just simply stated that they did not have my permission to do anything to my child w/out my consent, and they just had me sign some forms.
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