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Mom2SammyJoe's Avatar Mom2SammyJoe 09:51 PM 10-12-2008
I'm planning to go to this. Thought others may be interested. Sounds like a cool opportunity.

Suzanne Arms
"Journey Into Life: 15 Ways to Make Any Birth Better"

7 p.m. • Wednesday, Oct. 22

Kalamazoo Center for the Healing Arts
6350 West KL Avenue

Talk followed by Q&A

$10 suggested tax-deductible donation to Birthing the Future

Sponsored by Birth Kalamazoo • www.kalamazoodoulas .com

Suzanne Arms is a world renowned mother-baby activist. She is the
author of seven books, including "Immaculate Deception," which
revolutionized the birth movement and was named a New York Times Best
Book of the Year. Arms is founder and director of the non-profit
organization Birthing the Future. She is currently finishing a
television documentary for PBS titled simply, "Birth."

eco_mama's Avatar eco_mama 09:53 PM 10-12-2008
i'm planning to be there as well.
JessicaE's Avatar JessicaE 06:24 PM 10-13-2008
I'm so glad you guys are coming! Thanks for posting it here and please continue to help spread the word.
JessicaE's Avatar JessicaE 03:43 PM 10-20-2008
I had a chance to interact with Suzanne a bit at the MANA conference in Traverse City this past weekend...

She has such a lovely manner, and is so thoughtful on all these birth and mother-baby issues. I'm really looking forward to having her here, hopefully we can rally an impressive turnout.
Cori Beth's Avatar Cori Beth 07:04 PM 10-21-2008
wow. Wish I could make this. I am moving to Kalamazoo Nov. 2nd....