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hotharmony's Avatar hotharmony 04:55 PM 10-14-2008
Does anyone have any suggestions for how to find childcare? Websites you could share or rave reviews about daycare centers or home daycares?

I am due in December, but my work wants me to provide them a detailed report of what I will be doing with the baby while I am working. I think it's to ensure I'm planing on returning after the baby.

Any suggestions would be helpful, I started looking at the state of mi site for childcare and just got so freaked out seeing all the violations. To be honest, I'm scared.

My*Scorpio's Avatar My*Scorpio 05:47 PM 10-14-2008

I have a great situation now. I met my ds' babysitter on MDC. She brings her daughter with her too. The best way to find someone is to start asking around. Maybe your coworkers will have suggestions. Have you attended a LLL meeting? Maybe someone there could give you a referral.
hotharmony's Avatar hotharmony 05:58 PM 10-14-2008
Thanks for the feedback, I did attend one LLL meeting and will be going back for more so I will ask around there. Unfortunately co workers won't really help me, I work remotely from home so my co workers are in NYC.
jdejong's Avatar jdejong 02:27 PM 10-15-2008
I found a wonderful sitter for my son, when he was 6-months old, on Craigs list. It was the perfect situation, she had a daughter who was a few months older, that my son adored. But she's pregnant with twins now, so we had to find something new. We live near Ann Arbor, and have a great, pretty AP parents group on Yahoo, and I found a small in-home daycare through referrals there. Maybe your community has something similar - good luck!!
Liea's Avatar Liea 12:19 PM 10-16-2008
Originally Posted by jdejong View Post
I found a wonderful sitter for my son, when he was 6-months old, on Craigs list.
I secong Craigslist. It's one more resource and you never know who you will find. Interview potentials multiple times to really get to know the person.
Michelle Renee's Avatar Michelle Renee 12:50 PM 10-16-2008
If you get stuck -we live close by and have an awesome nanny.
I am betting she would love a friend for our girls

She is ok with cloth diapering and is used to EBM and handling frozen milk.