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riaketty's Avatar riaketty 05:08 PM 10-14-2008
Hey! Anyone know where we can get raw milk around Columbus, OH? The Clintonville Market has low-temp past. milk, but not raw (and they're really far away from us). I'd love to find a local farmer who either does herdshares or barters milk.

Feel free to PM if you don't want your 'source' revealed! Thanks!

columbusmomma's Avatar columbusmomma 12:09 AM 10-15-2008
Good question!!
My parents get it but they are in the northeast part of the state so that doesn't really help me! I did inquire at the Clintonville Mkt. but they explained how you can't just "get it". Lately I've been loving Snowville Creamery. It's from Pomeroy. Non homogenized and uses the lowest heat treatment for pasteurizing. You're right though, we need the raw!!