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cloudspinning's Avatar cloudspinning 02:40 AM 10-17-2008
Hi everyone,

I have a friend who lives in Kokomo who is in a bad family and financial situation. I have offered to have her come up and live with my family in Washington for a while, but because of space issues she has to limit herself to one pet (her cat). We checked craigslist and they don't allow postings regarding animals. Does anyone have any ideas about rehoming them? We haven't been able to think of where to advertise a lizard and bird. Is anyone interested in giving them a home? She is hoping to sell them (cheaply!) to help pay for the move. She can't return them to where she bought them because that was in Kentucky.

Specifically they are a baby bearded dragon with a tank and equipment, and a female gray cockatiel with cage and supplies.

If you pm me I can give you more details about each animal. Thanks so much!!


blue butterfly's Avatar blue butterfly 01:36 AM 10-18-2008
you can list animals on freecycle
raedae1's Avatar raedae1 09:51 PM 10-20-2008
She might try contacting Bird Fever a bird speciality store in the Castleton area of Indy. Their number is 317.845.7823. They probably have some good information on rescues in the state.