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MSUmama's Avatar MSUmama 05:06 PM 10-27-2008
Hi Toledo mamas,

I live in Adrain and am looking for a good source for organic produce now that CSA/Gardening is coming to an end.

I've checked into Door to Door Organics and found that my local Meijer could beat their prices by far too much to justify ordering. I'd like more variety than Meijer offers though and I already make two trips to Toledo per month to shop. Thoughts on Claudia's for produce and other items?

Miasmamma's Avatar Miasmamma 10:04 PM 10-27-2008
I personally find them expensive compared to Meijers. Meijers will run sales on organic produce and I think their quality is better. As far as other items go, Claudia's does stock a lot of different stuff. Meijers carries the basics, but if you are looking for a specific item, calling Claudia's will save you the trouble of going there first. Hope that helps.
reikitiki's Avatar reikitiki 11:27 AM 10-28-2008
I completely support Claudia's market... I stop in for a smoothie regularly and shop there as often as possible. The organic produce is top quality, lots of local items and "yes" it is pricey.

I have a wholesale Frontier Natural Food Co-op that I order all my supplements, personal care items, cleaning supplies ect. and I find the personal savings there allows me to buy organic or local foods and support my local businesses in other ways when I might otherwise be unable to afford it.

The Frontier Co-op is based out of my business, we order from their website monthly or when I can complie the minimum $250.00 for free shipping. PM me if you are interested.

There is another local option for us natural family living mommas in Ohio... CJ Meats and Cheeses (they also do Raw milk). There is a Toledo pick up every other week at the Church on Strayer. visit

I have also heard great feedback about the organic produce at The Fresh Market located on Central and Secor, although I am pretty sure its not local...