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lactationmom's Avatar lactationmom 01:32 AM 11-07-2008
I am just SO excited to tell any moms who are in the Columbus, Indiana area about our new doc. Our oldest daughter needed a physical and we made the appointment with her after our realtor told us about how great she was. Today she spent an HOUR hearing about our daughters odd symptoms (insomnia, tired all the time, several other odd things for a 12 yo) and she threw out several possibilities and wanted to food-allergy test her! This is the first time I have heard of a medical doctor knowing ANYTHING about food allergies or really, anything not related to disease and drugs. She is opening up her own 'integrative health' practice (her words) in Jan, she said it was going to be called "Cypress Health Center" or something similar. We talked a lot about vaccines, toxins and she is very up to date on these subjects, even saying she was learning about natural detoxing for autism and ADD/ADHD and a host of other disorders that most other doctors don't do anything about, except give drugs.

I just wanted to give her huge props because this is the kind of doctor that needs to be promoted, she is out there really listening and learning from her patients. Looking her up on her website I see she also had a home birth in the past, very cool.

nummies's Avatar nummies 01:08 PM 12-04-2008
Thank you sooooo much! This is just what I was looking for. Off to make an appointment! So was she "ok" with not vaxing??