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mercy589's Avatar mercy589 12:40 AM 11-10-2008
I'm going to be having a cloth diaper show and tell party in the next couple of weeks here in Holland, MI. PM me if you're interested!

JunipersMom's Avatar JunipersMom 01:46 AM 11-10-2008
Do you mean making them, trading them, selling them or just showing them?
mercy589's Avatar mercy589 02:00 AM 11-10-2008
I'm a part of team cloth, so I will have an assortment of cloth diapers to show and tell - a prefold, cover, fitted, pockets, wool, accessories, etc. Part of the fun though is meeting other cloth diaper moms who can also share their experiences with you. I have made various cloth diapers and covers if you're interested in that. Have you been to LLL here? I think I may have met you!
JunipersMom's Avatar JunipersMom 11:33 AM 11-11-2008
Nope - I'm in Grand Rapids.. but I'm passing on the info if you dont mind.
mercy589's Avatar mercy589 03:48 PM 11-11-2008
Sure! There was a mom who visited with a Juniper awhile back.
mercy589's Avatar mercy589 11:26 PM 11-26-2008
Party is going to be the first Weds in Dec. PM me if interested!
mercy589's Avatar mercy589 11:09 AM 12-01-2008
There's still time if you're interested! The date is Dec 17th at 6:45pm.