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anniebee's Avatar anniebee 10:39 PM 11-14-2008
Hey Cinci Moms! We're moving to Cinci (Mariemont) in 4 weeks! (My husband's job is in Montgomery.) What is great to do with kids? I stay at home with our nearly 3yo and 5mo. The place we'll be living in will allegedly be walking distance to a library and some parks, which is fab, but I'm wondering about the indie sort of scene there, the natural parenting life there, natural nutrition, and that sort of thing. Also, your thoughts on Mariemont are greatly appreciated. (I think we'll be in a townhome downtown, 12 month lease.)

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

alivia's Avatar alivia 01:32 PM 11-30-2008
Mariemont is pretty. It has a small-town feel but not far from downtown Cincy. Things to do with kids? The Museum Center will be close to you & they have a huge kids' museum on the bottom floor. There are parks galore in the summer, of course. Winter is harder. A couple playgroups I can suggest: nkycincinnatimommyandme on yahoo groups and cincinnatiAP also on yahoo groups, although the latter is more of a networking group than a playgroup.

There is an elimination communication group and several LLL groups. If either of those would be helpful to you, I could dig up contact info.

Indie scene? Try heading down to Northside & the gaslight area of Clifton (near the University of Cincinnati). Sitwell's is a good coffeehouse that serves mostly local food and is kid-friendly, especially during the day. The Northside Tavern is a very comfortable bar with free indie music every weekend if you can get out for a bit. The Southgate House in Newport, KY shows a lot of good bands, again if you can get out.

Mariemont has a good theater that shows indie films -- the other is in Clifton called "The Esquire." When summer comes, check out Findlay Market downtown. You'll probably like that quite a bit.

Typically, connecting through playgroups & homeschool groups is the easiest way to find like-minded folks around here. Hope this helps!

anniebee's Avatar anniebee 05:53 PM 11-30-2008
Thanks! We actually signed a lease in Montgomery/Loveland instead of Mariemont, but they're not too far, and I can certainly use all of your suggestions.

Do you find that there are a lot of like-minded moms around Cinci? I'm having trouble finding much... I will try to connect with people through the groups you mentioned.

Thank you! Off to pack...
alivia's Avatar alivia 12:23 PM 12-06-2008
Weird -- my new laptop isn't putting replies through my email program, but my old one still is. Sorry to be so late.

I think it can be incredibly hard to find like-minded folks here unless you do it through a group specifically tailored to your interests. Local library programs, for example, are rarely worth your time (if you're looking to make mom friends).

The Yahoo groups I mentioned are both good places to meet people, but one is in Northern Kentucky & the other isn't quite as active. I might try attending a LLL meeting up near Montgomery.