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Cherry Alive's Avatar Cherry Alive 07:43 AM 06-07-2009
Hi, All-

We found a fantastic pediatrition who respects our desire of selective/delayed vax and EBFing.

Now, we're hoping to find a great "grown up" doctor for us.

I'm looking for one in Baltimore County (Owings Mills, Catonsville, etc) or Howard/Carroll County. I'd like to find someone who is sharp, and uses both traditional and holistic (or is at least open to holistic medicine). It'd be great if we could find one who can do routine pap smears as part of the checkup as I don't feel like driving all the way to Annapolis every year or going to a GYN.

Thanks a bunch!

mysticmomma's Avatar mysticmomma 11:19 AM 06-07-2009
Dr. Hartig in Cockeysville 21030. We have used all of the CRNP's there and were very happy. My personal fav was jen piper.

homewithtwinsmama's Avatar homewithtwinsmama 01:03 PM 06-07-2009
Renaissance Primary Care and Wellness in Columbia is a woman FP and she is open to alternative practices.

5500 Knoll North Drive
Suite 250
Columbia, MD 21045
Phone (410) 772-8001
eewieew's Avatar eewieew 02:40 PM 06-10-2009
I used to see Hartig's practice as a teen - very competend.

I now see Dr. Vince Wroblewski, in Lutherville. His number is 410-252-4406. He's very competent, helpful, and will do paps and the like. I'm all about one-stop shopping!

Hey, our girls are close in age...congratulations!
mysticmomma's Avatar mysticmomma 04:36 PM 06-10-2009
They do well woman care at HVH (dr. hartig)
zoeyangel's Avatar zoeyangel 05:23 PM 07-13-2009
who is the pediatrician you are using? im looking for one in the same area.
EMecham's Avatar EMecham 01:10 PM 10-12-2012

I am in desperate need of a more holistic minded pediatrician.  Who do you use? :)

ministermama's Avatar ministermama 12:23 PM 11-07-2012

Can you say anything more about what you like about Dr Hartig? He doesn't seem to have a website. At least not one that I can find.