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kauhoku's Avatar kauhoku 02:19 PM 06-16-2010
Hi all. I am new to this website and have some questions about the MD, D.C. metro area. We are moving up there around mid-August. I am 21 weeks pregnant and will need to find a midwife as soon as I get there if not before. I would love to be able to have a few lined up to meet with right away. I would prefer to give birth in a birthing center.

I also need to find a pediatrician for my 2 children. They are not completely vaccinated and so I need to find a pediatrician who is okay with this.

Finally, if anyone could please give me info on schools, both public and private I would really appreciate it, and also info on good areas to live. If there is a particularly good school district I will look for housing in and around that area. I'm open to anywhere in the VA, MD, D.C. metro area.

I know nothing about the area. So any information would be greatly appreciated!

NaturalMama311's Avatar NaturalMama311 03:43 PM 06-16-2010
As for midwives, I LOVE Special Beginnings. They are in Arnold, MD which is close to Annapolis, pretty convenient from DC or Baltimore I think (depending on how far you are willing to drive.) They have a great birth center and their midwives are wonderful. I adore Megan and can't say enough about how great they are. I know there are other great ones out there too but they are the only ones I have experience with besides OBs.

Our ped is also wonderful. Dr. Fitch at Arundel Pediatrics in Lithincum. Located right off I-295 so its easy to get to. She is open to delayed vax schedules but if you are a non-vaxer there will come a time that she will put some pressure on you or possibly ask you to leave the practice because of their policy. But I think she is awesome, she is pretty crunchy and an AP mama herself.

I don't really have any recs on school districts since DD isn't even 2 yet. We have researched schools in our local area and the Chesapeake school district is really great from the scores and reviews we've seen online.

Good luck with your impending move and pregnancy! Congrats!!!
kauhoku's Avatar kauhoku 04:03 PM 06-16-2010
Thanks for the information Denise. I don't mind driving to have the ideal midwife and birth setting, but if traffic is a problem up there then I can't be too far away. I labored at home for as long as I could with my first two. By the time I made it to the hospital with my second I was fully dilated and ready to deliver. My son was born 8 minutes after I arrived with the help of the nurses. My midwife didn't even make it in time. I have heard that traffic can be a nightmare up there and so I do worry about getting stuck in traffic and not making it in time, especially since this is my third.

My husband will be working at Andrews AFB. He can commute but preferably from somewhere that will be somewhat easy to get to. The kids school is the most important thing however. We are both willing to live wherever is best for them.
Awaken's Avatar Awaken 05:16 PM 06-17-2010
There is a list of midwives and birthing centers in the area at It should give you a starting point.

Welcome to the area- nak or i would write more.
mkmb129's Avatar mkmb129 01:05 AM 06-20-2010
I don't have any info for you really, but we're moving to Andrews the end of this month. We live in PG county now (not quite a year) but my kids were already born & aren't school-aged yet so I don't know much about those things around here. We live in Upper Marlboro now, which is a nice, quiet town, close but not too close to everything. My only issue is I haven't been able to find many like-minded moms here and no playgroups. We're moving to base in hopes of at least finding some sort of steady playmates & a friend or two for me! So if you'll be staying around the Andrews area let me know!
koofie's Avatar koofie 10:10 PM 07-10-2010
To help you out, do you know where the job is you are moving for, or the reason you targeted DC/MD/VA? It is a huge area and can sometimes be hard to go from one place to another without planning. For instance, if you live south of DC but the job is north of DC you will certainly hit traffic on a commute.
kauhoku's Avatar kauhoku 08:18 PM 08-15-2010
Megan, we are here at Andrews, currently in temporary lodging until we figure out what to do. Are you on base?

Kelsi, my husband is in the Navy and is going to be stationed at Andrews. That is the whole reason we are here. But I will be most likely be attending college in D.C. So either way one of us will have to commute. My biggest concern right now is a school for my children and of course a midwife for me.
homewithtwinsmama's Avatar homewithtwinsmama 01:30 AM 08-16-2010
How about a homebirth? Given that you like to be home and you push fast??!
Joey Pascarella is a nurse midwife down in Southern MD who does homebirth. I work for a homebirth midwife up in Catonsville so I think we are a bit too far from you. There are also some fine direct entry midwives in that area, but I would want to discuss that by PM.