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Dov'sMom's Avatar Dov'sMom 03:42 PM 10-19-2010
I have a friend whose doc is really pushing her to vax her youngest. She went to the 2 month appt intending to discuss alternate schedules but found herself browbeaten into gettin gall the recommended vaxxes. She hasn't been back since, because she did not like how her son reacted and because she knows she's too easily browbeaten.

Any recommendations for her?

swl73's Avatar swl73 04:44 AM 10-20-2010
Dr. Fusner and her NP Nancy Hoover are open-minded regarding vax. They only take newborns as new patients but it's possible that a 2 month old would qualify. They are in Silver Spring.
Climbergirl's Avatar Climbergirl 02:46 PM 10-20-2010
I know Clarksburg Pediatrics are open to alternative schedules. The doctor misunderstood my due date for #2 and called yesterday to check on me to see how I was doing (thinking I was going to have a baby soon). I thought that was SUPER nice.
kJad29's Avatar kJad29 09:30 PM 10-30-2010
I second Dr. Fusner. If you even choose not to vaccinate, she will just give you a waiver form to fill out and that's it. You don't have to be beaten into submission and she will respect your decision on the matter. If you have another sibling already she will take the sibling along with the new baby. At least she did that for my family. Best of luck to your friend.