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MegBoz's Avatar MegBoz 01:30 PM 02-16-2011

On the HB forum, someone said she was donating her placenta for the training of human remains detection rescue dogs. I thought that sounded great (since I'm not interested in consuming it). So I emailed the Chesapeake Search Dogs organization.


I have to admit, I was nervous they'd respond, essentially, "Ew! You wack-job! No, we don't want a placenta!" Ha - but they are grateful & say it will be useful. The team leader even says he'll come pick it up at my house!


Here's the website. PM me if you want the team leader's direct email.


I was just going to have my MW take it with her to dispose of, but I'm glad it'll go to a good use.



~adorkable~'s Avatar ~adorkable~ 12:30 PM 03-01-2011

as someone that has worked with search and rescue for years, this is really cool and so kind of you, those dogs are simply amazing and really important.

Healthy_Baby's Avatar Healthy_Baby 06:53 AM 03-02-2011

wow - what a cool option! 


My DD's placenta has been in the freezer for weeellll...... 19 months! hide.gif  


do you think they would take that? or have a time limit?