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magpiefrookie's Avatar magpiefrookie 11:51 AM 05-08-2011

Hi! I'm a first time mom of a 5 week old boy.  My sister (who lives in GA & homeschools) is very anti-vaccination.  I want to delay vaccination for my son, but the pediatrician I currently have is adamant about the vaccination schedule being followed to a T.  I am concerned about my son's health, but don't know how to find a pediatrician who won't force his or her views on me.  Does anyone out there know of any pediatrician(s) in the Rockville/Gaithersburg/Germantown area ? I know most pediatricians aren't thrilled with parents' decisions to delay or forego vaccinations, but I'd like to find one who will respect my decision as a parent.  I'm a bit overwhelmed & really really appreciate any help/suggestions!!  Thanks!

mariacm's Avatar mariacm 06:51 PM 05-08-2011

You can try Kensington Pediatrics (Dr. Fusner and Nancy, RNCP).  They are in Kensington, but I drive 20+ min to them bc there are none near me who are ok with no vaxes. 

10400 Connecticut Ave Suite 215. Kensington, MD (301) 949-8860 


They may  not be accepting new patients, but they often take newborns even if not older kids (they are busy).  So call asap if you want to try to get in with them.


FYI, Nancy is a lactation consultant, too, so she's a great resource, and not quick to prescribe meds/abx.


Go here and scroll down the page a bit for a list of others that others have recommended: