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taliasully's Avatar taliasully 03:38 PM 10-06-2011



      I am a long time MDC mom,and a DONA trained doula working towards my certification.   My family has recently moved to Alexandria and we're loving it.

      I absoulutely love the natural birth process and attending my first brirth ( other than my own : ) ) was the most amazing experience of my life. I would be honored to be a part of yours. Along with my training , I can offer the knowledge I have gained through study and training, and the confidence I have in the natural birth process to help you have a wonderful labor.

You can  e-mail me at [email protected] and we could meet after that to discuss if we are a good fit,




UPDATE :  Thank you so much MDC moms, I am submitting my cert. package this month. I am now "working" as a doula for a really reduced rate while I build experience. I would love to meet any of you who are thinking about a doula for your birth experience.

tiacait's Avatar tiacait 08:25 AM 10-07-2011

You should make a post on the Birth Options Alliance list serve! I'm sure you'd get a big response that way. Best of luck! :)

taliasully's Avatar taliasully 10:51 AM 10-07-2011

Thanks so much, I will do that.

jyssilly's Avatar jyssilly 12:35 PM 10-07-2011

Wow, awesome!  I will send you an email!