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Bmorefarmgirl's Avatar Bmorefarmgirl 08:58 PM 05-09-2012
Does anyone know if any Baltimore area hospitals offer mobile telemetry for fetal monitoring? Is there a way to find out other than just calling around?

HappyLamb's Avatar HappyLamb 09:54 AM 05-10-2012

There is a thread floating around about vbacs in baltimore hospitals.  I believe on that thread it was mentioned that there are 3 hospitals in the state that have mobile telemetry: Mercy, B.W. medical center, and one more. hope that helps you.

KatyLinda's Avatar KatyLinda 10:11 AM 05-10-2012

Anne Arundel has mobile telemetry monitors.  Upper Chesapeake does not.  That's all I know.  winky.gif

Bmorefarmgirl's Avatar Bmorefarmgirl 12:05 PM 05-10-2012
Thanks ladies. I was too lazy to search the threads. Will do that today. smile.gif I'm heading to the ICAN meeting tonight, so maybe someone there will know.
Bmorefarmgirl's Avatar Bmorefarmgirl 03:10 PM 05-11-2012
For everyone's info: the new building at Mercy which opens in June will have wireless monitoring! Not sure if vbac mamas will be able to go in the tub with it, but at least it will help with mobility. I have an appt with Kathy Slone on Monday, and hopefully I can get more details. The info above was from bobbie at the ICAN meeting.
IMakeArmyBrats4's Avatar IMakeArmyBrats4 01:11 PM 05-30-2012

Baltimore Washington Medical Center has telemetry available, as well as a birthing pool (can't have bub in there though) etc. I UC personally, but when I had to go to the ER for a kidney issue, I inquired about their VBAC policies and spoke to a CNM there about what was available and if telemetry was available.

HappyLamb's Avatar HappyLamb 08:02 AM 06-08-2012

Mary Knauer at St. Joseph's told me they just did a pilot program with mobile telemetry and they hope to have that in place by the end of this year.