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Joywith5's Avatar Joywith5 09:10 AM 09-24-2012



Looking for recommendations for general or family practitioners for my parents, who turned 70 this year. They are in good health, but are looking for someone to handle routine bloodwork, checkups, etc. I would love to help them find someone who will give them proper time and attention, and if possible, someone who will offer alternative remedies and not just immediately throw drugs at them!


Thanks in advance for any and all assistance.



HappyHappyMommy's Avatar HappyHappyMommy 08:03 PM 09-27-2012

I'm bumping up your post. bump.gif Anyone have a recommendation to share?

Claire Sax's Avatar Claire Sax 08:49 PM 11-14-2012

We use Dr. Hai Jin Kim of HealthBuilders in Annandale.  Not sure if that's too far, but she takes a lot of time in appointments and is a homeopathic/holistic doctor.