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sm789's Avatar sm789 10:02 AM 12-12-2012

Hi all,


I know it's a bit early but we're exploring childcare options and are looking for a family for nanny share in the Harbor East/Fells/Canton area of Baltimore. We don't have a nanny but expect to find a family first and then interview nannies together as June gets closer. We currently live in Fells but will probably move to Canton. I work in Harbor East. I am due at the end of March and if we find a perfect family/nanny, have a flexible start date of either May or June. Please let me know if someone else is due around the same time and is wondering what to do for childcare!



IdentityCrisisMama's Avatar IdentityCrisisMama 01:18 PM 01-04-2013

Did you check the rest of the nanny shares on the the Bmore forum? There are quite a few. Maybe you will luck out and find a family who already has a nanny... 


Anyone have any suggestions for this new family? 

thereselyden's Avatar thereselyden 05:24 PM 02-17-2013
Hi -

My husband and I just delivered a beautiful baby girl. We currently live in Fed Hill but are moving to Canton over the next month or so. We both work downtown in finance, and I am expecting to go back to work at the end of May. We would love to discuss a nanny share with you.