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treeonastring's Avatar treeonastring 03:17 PM 08-10-2013

Looking for someone who will be less inclined to recommend formula/supplementation for every woe.  My pediatrician admitted to having many BFing women as his clients that supplement with formula.  I almost became one through his advice and want to remove myself from his practice.

closedaccount15 07:04 PM 08-10-2013

I see Dr Lancaster in Ellicott city, she is near 29 and 70. She will refer you to LLL if you have any questions that are out of her realm, but she is supportive even of extended and tandem nursing, but I get the impression she wants to remain as neutral as possible, so if you ask for support on breastfeeding she will help with that, if you want support on formula, she will give you that.


So she does have formula coupons and such in her office, but she has never offered them to me as an alternative or an option - if you discuss/mention that you are committed to nursing, she will help you with that.


One reason I like her is that my younger daughter is very very small, she was dropping down from the 10th to less than 2nd percentile and she never mentioned formula to me as an option that I recall, I get the feeling she will not say anything unless you bring it up.

KatyLinda's Avatar KatyLinda 06:20 PM 08-12-2013

We see Dr. Stern in Highland.  He's pro-breastfeeding though doesn't offer any advice, since that's not his department.  I only know of one IBCLC/Pediatrician in the area and I would never recommend someone see her.  If breastfeeding support is what you need, there is a great LLL group in Columbia and there are several great IBCLCs in the area.  smile.gif

treeonastring's Avatar treeonastring 12:27 PM 08-13-2013

Thank you!  Just looking for someone who won't relentlessly push formula as a solution to everything.