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willowbean's Avatar willowbean 07:46 PM 08-25-2008
A close friend of my partner has finally hit the point where she's realized that her current eating disorder relapse may kill her and she's ready to seek some help.

She has no idea of a good therapist to turn to and really needs some guidance right now.

I figured if anyone would have some recommendations it would be y'all.

One of the things that's very important right now, is a therapist who is willing to work within two boundaries. The first is that she does not think that she can safely take meds right now, so someone who is not a med pusher is important. The second is a bit more complecated. She thinks she'd benefit from inpatient treatment, but has to build up some sick time at her new job before she can do that without loosing her house. Finding someone who can support her in that is also really important.

If any of you have a recommendation it would be greatly appreciated. :

Isaac'sMa's Avatar Isaac'sMa 05:32 PM 09-02-2008
Well, this is not technically DC area, but Sheppard Pratt (in Baltimore) has a very well known inpatient eating disorder clinic. Let me see if I can find the link....here it is: