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VTnurse's Avatar VTnurse 03:50 PM 09-04-2008
My 2 1/2 month old infant cries an awful lot. We can't figure out why. The worst thing is that he HATES the car! Whenever we try to go anywhere, he screams the entire ride. It's torture on him and me! He also cries at home (but I can deal with that). He's a very gassy baby, which is some of the problem. The car thing... I can't figure that out.

I'm hoping that a chiropractor or naturopath will be able to see him and make some recommendations. I live in Baltimore County and will go anywhere.

What do you think?

Pinky Tuscadero's Avatar Pinky Tuscadero 06:06 PM 09-04-2008
We absolutely loved We saw Dr Howard when my youngest was 6 days old. She's super gentle, very, very knowledgeable about babies and just an all around nice lady. I liked that she knew about a lot of facets of natural living and parenting, not just chiro stuff.
I think she's worth the drive.
homewithtwinsmama's Avatar homewithtwinsmama 07:50 PM 09-04-2008
Dr. Tracy Ball in Ellicott City does both chiropractic and cranial sacral. Both can be helpful in these instances.
erikaa's Avatar erikaa 10:25 PM 09-04-2008
we second the Dr. Howard rec! :
she's awesome.

i think that Charlyn Santiago may do some cranial sacral work too. She's in Ellicot City and Arnold. has anyone taken their babies to her?
she's awesome for acupuncture and used to work in some Crania sacral work during our session.

pm me if you want her number. erika
jenair's Avatar jenair 11:35 AM 09-09-2008
in Fairfax, VA
We see Dr. Jen Sims at ~ and she's FANTASTIC. She's one of the only local folks thats certified in the webster technique for preg moms ~ is a mom of 2 herself thus has the Greatest manner with lil ones. Soft, kind, gentle and beyond knowledgable.

(yes - i know that would be a crazy trek for you, but in case other folks do a chiro search )
russsk's Avatar russsk 01:48 PM 09-09-2008
Another vote for Dr. Howard and Dr. Wallie. They are fantastic.
berry987's Avatar berry987 06:42 PM 09-10-2008
Another rec for Dr. Wallie (I personally preferred her over Dr. Howard). They are in Annapolis, but so incredibly nice, gentle with kids, and their whole office is kid-friendly (while my older DS is getting adjusted, Leslie, the office manager is entertaining my little DS with stickers).
CowsRock's Avatar CowsRock 12:38 AM 09-21-2008
We get adjusted by the Williamson's in Mt. Airy. They have adjusted me, my hubby and our baby many, many times. We love them!