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sparkletruck's Avatar sparkletruck 04:23 PM 09-05-2008
nuff said we need a pediatrician, and while we selectively vax, it would be nice to have one that is not so mainstream. ideas?


JenMidwife's Avatar JenMidwife 09:57 PM 09-12-2008
do you mean DE?
AaronsMommy's Avatar AaronsMommy 01:59 PM 10-02-2008
We have been very happy with Dr. Ann at Pediatric Associates in Medical Arts Building 2 at Christiana Hospital. She is not a D.O. or a naturopath, but she is extremely encouraging of parents being knowledgeable about their children's medical care. We selectively vax, recently turned down antibiotics for an ear infection and have been working to increase our son's iron levels without supplements and she has always been very supportive of our less-than-typical choices and has never made us feel strange or guilty. I would DEFINITELY recommend her.

PS ~ they do perspective parent visits where you can tour the facilities and interview the Doctors.