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catherinevictoria's Avatar catherinevictoria 12:03 AM 09-19-2008
Who knows some great farms, full of charm and interest for small children? I would love to know which are worth visiting. Produce is great, but just to be on a little farm for an afternoon, with some animals, barns, hay, those things....would be great.


MeiTaiMamma's Avatar MeiTaiMamma 12:04 PM 09-19-2008
We go to the Old Maryland Farm in the Watkins Regional Park. It has some bunnies, chickens, geeses/ducks, turkeys, peacocks, cows, horses and a pig. If you go on the weekend they have a train and a merry-go-round, but that may be closed for the season. It was small, cute. There is also a farm near-by that does produce and pumpkin stuff. It is called Queen Anne's Farm, I think. I don't think it is organic, but we just went there for the pumpkins.

We have gone to the Oxon Hill farm as well, but the Old Maryland farm has a playground too. And you can feed the animals corn at the Old Maryland Farm. You can find the directions to the farms on the PG Count parks and recreation website.

I know there is a list in the library of PYO places for produce, but I gave my copy away.
AmyCarin's Avatar AmyCarin 12:39 AM 09-21-2008

It's not organic but it's soo much fun! They try to balance pesticide use & having a good crop We're members. There's PYO, a hayride, lots of stuff to checkout and the farmers are sooo friendly and kind.