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berry987's Avatar berry987 11:35 AM 09-21-2008
I'm looking to buy a few pieces of furniture and have been searching Craigslist without much luck. I moved here from an area with a great Salvation Army that had a huge furniture selection. The Sals near my house does not have much furniture, though. Does anyone know of a good furniture Salvation Army or other place that you buy used furniture in the Annapolis or Baltimore area? I'd like to find solid wood, good quality (maybe just in need of refinishing). Thanks!

jlizgar's Avatar jlizgar 05:17 PM 09-21-2008
Are you a member of
You should join! Everything is required to be free and its local so all you do if find a group in your area and post a wanted ad and wait and see if anyone has what your looking for and then go pick it up!
Ive gotten some pretty nice things off of there before...who knows, maybe someone is trying to get rid of just what you need/want!
Good luck!