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Cherry Alive's Avatar Cherry Alive 10:32 AM 10-07-2008
Anyone know of where I can take some good classes—particularly with a teacher who is experienced with teaching it?

I can commute easily in Central MD: parts of Baltimore County (Randallstown, Catonsville, etc), Carroll County, Howard County.


Mama Rana's Avatar Mama Rana 11:18 AM 10-07-2008
I liked Debbie Jensen-Grubb's class at the Columbia Yoga Center [in Howard]. Debbie has been teaching prenatal yoga for 8+ years. She is very gentle and warm. Her class focuses on preparing for L&D: building strength, learning to relax, opening the hips/pelvis, breath, focus. While she claims not to be a proponent either way, she really does strive to help "her" mamas achieve a natural birth.
Last I checked she's only teaching one prenatal class a week now, on Wednesday night.
VTnurse's Avatar VTnurse 11:43 AM 10-07-2008
This was the best class/place that I could find...

It's located in Catonsville. I actually never took a class there, but have heard great things about it!

Good luck and Congratulations!
lunaliss's Avatar lunaliss 10:02 PM 10-13-2008
Shelby at Crofton Yoga is excellent, very gentle, very experienced. I don't know if you'd go there, but I wanted to put in the plug for her!