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FireGirl257's Avatar FireGirl257 01:16 AM 11-23-2008
Hey I am new to this. I am looking for a midwife that does home births in the Buffalo, NY area! Any info? I am new to this website!! Thank you for any help you have?

ollineeba's Avatar ollineeba 03:11 AM 11-23-2008
Check under the tribal area- it is divided by states. That is where you can find local resources.
Welcome to MDC!
MoonWillow's Avatar MoonWillow 03:19 AM 11-23-2008

Definitely check out FYT
BookGoddess's Avatar BookGoddess 06:45 AM 11-23-2008
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In addition to Finding Your Tribe forum, you might also want to check out the Birth Professionals forum over >here< (click).
Kidzaplenty's Avatar Kidzaplenty 11:54 PM 11-23-2008
Welcome to MDC!

I do not have any info for you, but wanted to welcome you. Hope you find the MW you are looking for.