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Originally Posted by lrwinter2 View Post

Oh wow!!!  No, not particularly I guess.  My biggest fear is to labor for hours only to get a c-section anyway, in an unfamiliar hospital with an unfamiliar surgeon.  After laboring, it would be like an "emergency" and probably a double whammy as far as recovery goes.  I guess I was wondering if there were baby size restrictions, if someone could assess my pelvic opening to determine if it would "open" wide enough...


As much as I rejected the c-section with my first.  I had to surrender that with breech, I didn't really have a choice I was comfortable with.  The c-section was easy because it was scheduled and I could prepare.  So, I am looking for good information so I can make an informed decision.  Valley Birthplace delivers now at Einstein Medical in Montgomery.   I know nothing about that hospital, so I want to check them out.  Too bad Doylestown isn't so VBAC friendly.  I feel like if VBAC is my choice, choosing Doylestown Hospital is setting myself up for failure.


How come women stop dilating?  

I, Irwinter2.  I see you joined a while ago but don't post much.  Glad you feel like you can come here to ask questions!


Are you familiar w/ ICAN?  It's the International Cesarean Awareness Network.  Here's their website: http://www.ican-online.org/  You are likely to find a lot of information on their site from women who've been in your shoes.  They can also help you to understand why c-sections happen & what you can do to prevent having another one.


Also, the birth & beyond section here at MDC has a section on VBAC & healing birth trauma.  You may find more that is helpful there.


I'll answer some of your specific questions, but because it's from information I've gathered since before having my first child in 2002, I don't have specific sources to site.  


On baby size restrictions: the tools that are typically used to decide this (ultrasound) are notoriously inaccurate for this purpose.  So often you hear of a mom having a scheduled c-section because the baby is too big & ends up being an average weight (which is 7-9 lbs), or less.  Not good stuff.  


On the pelvic opening: often times, women are expected to labor on their backs, laying in bed, being still.  When a woman is allowed to move as her body tells her, she can work w/ the labor to move & allow her pelvis to open.  I recall reading something about the pelvis opening but can't recall exactly what but it was something that made me think, wow, that's like magic!  The pelvis is supposed to be able to open when the baby is ready, that's why we produce the hormones (I think it's hormones) that relax our ligaments w/in our bodies while we're pregnant.  


On Doylestown Hospital - I'd recommend you steer clear of them.  I had a friend back in 2006 who was wanting to push as they were prepping her for her repeat cesarean.  She did not want the first or second c-section but was at their mercy.  The claim generally is no vbacs because what if something goes wrong, they need to have emergency care available right away.  Here's this woman that they are stopping from having her baby so they can cut her open.  This proves that the main stated reason for no vbacs is hogwash.


How come women stop dilating?  Generally, I'd say, fear.  I know that's what happened when I was in labor w/ my first.  That's what happens w/ animals also - they will stop laboring when there is a danger present.  I went into labor at about 12:30am.  Labored for 3 hours.  Figured things were moving along pretty well (I'd studied hypnobirthing so I wasn't uncomfortable) so we started getting ready to go to the hospital.  It stalled.  Contractions became sporadic.  Here & there.  Not much happening.  Once I went to my midwife (the midwives who practice out of Doylestown, which I thought at the time having a midwife in the hospital was a good compromise between dh & myself - I was wrong).  Because I believe hospitals are for sick people & really wanted a homebirth (dh didn't at the time, now he's all for it), I thought I'd be safe w/ a midwife.  I believe some midwives can work w/in the hospital model w/o compromising generally on what moms want, but the Doyelstown midwives didn't fit that bill.  I imagine there are other reasons a mother will stop laboring, but I'm sharing my experience w/ you.  


Best wishes,


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