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Beccasteve03's Avatar Beccasteve03 11:34 PM 05-09-2009
I’m not pregnant yet but I’m trying to do everything I can to have a VBAC next time. I’m trying to do as much research as I can before I get pregnant and so far I haven’t found or heard anything that’s very promising. All the c/s mommies I have talked to here in State College have been told by their OB's that they will have to go out of town if they want to VBAC even thought the hospital says that VBACs are “allowed.”
The more research I do the more I feel that a HBAC with a midwife is the way to go. Anyone have a good VBAC friendly midwife to suggest?


Beccasteve03's Avatar Beccasteve03 05:39 PM 06-22-2009
Wow, 56 views and no suggestions? No one knows of a good home birth midwife in State College to have a HBAC with???
sunny*pa*mom's Avatar sunny*pa*mom 09:28 PM 06-22-2009
I used Barb ****** at Lewistown Hospital for my VBAC. That was 4 years ago though. There is a local AP yahoo group that has some good info on local midwives saved in their files. If you search under yahoo groups for "Attachment Parenting State College" you should be able to find it. They should have some more current info for you.
dlm194's Avatar dlm194 12:51 AM 06-23-2009
I got some information a while ago from a PA woman on VBACs in the state. I will PM you the name of a midwife that was doing VBACs. I don't know much about this midwife but I'll will send along the info I have!
wombatclay's Avatar wombatclay 06:33 PM 06-23-2009
Moving to "Finding Your Tribe".

Good luck, and do check out your local ICAN group for ideas!
hipmamato4's Avatar hipmamato4 04:22 PM 06-24-2009
I know that some moms in State college are driving down to Kate Fawley at Rising Moon Midwifery. It's a drive (2 hours to Wernersville, or up to 3 hours to Chester Springs) BUT the great news is that it is excellent care and so worth the trip.

Kate's stats with VBAC and VBAMC (vba multiple c/s) is exemplary.

As a VBAC/HBAc mom myself, I would HIGHLY recommend a homebirth. It really is the only way to make sure that you are going to get the birth you want. I am saddened often at the paranoia of the medical establishhment over VBACs.

Beccasteve03's Avatar Beccasteve03 01:39 PM 06-25-2009
Thank you all for your suggestions. I really appreciate your help!!
hellogoodnite's Avatar hellogoodnite 02:32 PM 07-05-2009
There are two local Homebirthing midwives in the area that I am aware of. One is a CPM and the other is a DEM. I am currently seeing the DEM and she is wonderful, but I've also talked to the CPM on the phone and she was very nice also.

I also know that there are some pretty good CNM at Geisinger in Lock Haven and Lewistown. Unfortuantely, State College itself isn't midwife friendly.

PM me if you are interested in the numbers of the homebirthing midwives.
Jamie Barber's Avatar Jamie Barber 11:58 AM 07-06-2009
I think my homebirth midwife might be open to VBAC. She lives in Penns Valley--and has clients all around the state college area.

Here is her info: Sarah Depasquale: 814 574 8099

Good luck

Beccasteve03's Avatar Beccasteve03 01:50 PM 07-11-2009
Thanks everyone! I appreciate your help!
melio78's Avatar melio78 11:59 PM 07-21-2009
I just found out i'm pregnant with my 2nd... I am interested in exploring options for midwives in State College. I really know nothing.... except that CMSA no longer offers the service. I would be willing to try a home birth. Anyone have recommendations?? I would appreciate it!
VTtoPSUmama's Avatar VTtoPSUmama 11:29 AM 07-23-2009
I've heard nothing but good things about Sarah Depasquale.
Beccasteve03's Avatar Beccasteve03 10:01 PM 07-24-2009
Congratulations on baby #2 melio78!

I'm also in State College and looking for a midwife. Everyone I ask about home birth midwives gives me Sarah Depasquale's number. I haven't talked to Sarah yet, but she sounds like a good option.

I really wish CMSA didn't remove their midwives, but I have a feeling that since I am VBAC they wouldn't have been able to help me anyway.

I think I remember seeing in my insurance stuff that Altoona and Lewistown have CNM's that deliver at the hospitals, if you wanted to look into that.

Good luck! If you want a few more homebirth midwives names please PM me!
jewels8's Avatar jewels8 10:12 AM 01-13-2011

Hello there ladies.  I am new to this forum and I know this was writting a while ago but I am looking for a midwife also.  I am about 45 minutes from statecollege and am having an AWFUL time finding a midwife to do a home birth near me.  Could someone please give me the names and email addresses of any other the hombirth midwives in statecollege?  Thanks girls

Heidi Loomis's Avatar Heidi Loomis 07:02 AM 11-13-2012

If you want a hospital birth, then Lewistown is probably your best bet for now.  If you're looking for a homebirth, I would contact Sarah DePasquale.  Good for you for doing your research!