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greenmomhappymom's Avatar greenmomhappymom 05:00 PM 05-11-2009
Hi All,

Although we do have MW in my area, none of them are willing and/or able to preform homebirths.

I had a somewhat positive birth experience with a midwife in a hospital for my DD, but if I had not gone into labor a week early, I would have been subjected to whomever was on call, most likely some random OB who would not have been very kind to my unique requests (hypnobirthing, no IV etc)

I would really like to have my new baby (due in Dec) at home but I am having a heck of a time finding a midwife.

Any help from you would be most appreciated. What is really irritating is that right across the lake in VT there are dozens of homebirth MW's! Less then an hour away, but none of them are certified in NY.

Anyway, thank you to all.

dolcedaze's Avatar dolcedaze 06:34 PM 05-19-2009
No idea, but I'm subbing. We're moving to the Plattsburgh area next year, and I'm planning to have several babies at home there. I'd imagine that someone in Vermont would be willing to quietly come across the state line- maybe call some of the closer ones for ideas? Please let me know if you find one!
louloubean's Avatar louloubean 12:29 PM 05-26-2009
have you asked around at the co-op?
maybe someone there knows.

maybe try asking the librarians in the town library. they know lots of stuff!

call LLL they may be able to help too!

best wishes!
Boodah'smama's Avatar Boodah'smama 05:46 PM 08-27-2009
OP, have you had any luck? i am due the same month as you--sounds as though we probably use the same practice currently. i am here searching the forums looking for any info i can get about finding a homebirth MW--i am going for a VBAC and given the on call issues--i am a bit nervous. Have you found a MW who is able to help????
crystyle's Avatar crystyle 11:13 PM 01-27-2010
Did you have any luck? I'm moving to Plattsburgh in about a month and just found out I'm pregnant with #4. I've always wanted a homebirth and since this is going to be my last baby I was reaaly hoping to find a midwife in the area. If not I may consider unassisted but hubby would probably have heart failure if I even suggested it lol
ellesmom's Avatar ellesmom 12:34 AM 02-08-2010
Message me for info on a homebirth midwife in Plattsburg. I know there is one. She lives in NY, but she is licensed in VT.
Joyce in the mts.'s Avatar Joyce in the mts. 08:07 PM 02-09-2010
Hey greenmomhappymom! I think I know who you are!

Howdy! (special wave to the big sis! sweet cuddles to the wee one!)

I think you will know who I am too!

aureliaverde's Avatar aureliaverde 01:59 PM 06-16-2012

Hello! I saw a message in a thread about you knowing of someone in the plattsburgh area, having a vermont licsense to home deliver a baby. I am due at the end of august and am soo eager and desperate, just as all the other ladies from the thread, to find someone. Seemingly impossible, but seeing your comment has given me some hope. If you could please get back to me so that I could contact this person, even for them to answer questions, it would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank You. If you feel you want to email me directly (if at all) [email protected]. I just made this profile so I could write you back :) Once again, thank you.




                                                                Sincerely, Audra Green

backyardbotany's Avatar backyardbotany 08:41 PM 03-16-2013