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dannysgirl2004's Avatar dannysgirl2004 05:24 PM 09-15-2009
Hi ladies,

just found out I'm expecting my second child:

My husband and I are over the moon with the news. I'm 7 weeks pregnant and I had a c-section w/ my daughter so this time I want to try to VBAC.

I found Tricia Lewis (midwife) that works from LIJ. Has anyone heard from her??

I also like Dale Cook and Susan Brockman (I've read lots of positive feedback on them) but what scares me is the fact that they work from Mercy hospital (if I'm not mistaken) and I've heard/read horror stories about that hospital.

to be honest with you I don't know how 'bad' Mercy hospital is but when I was talking to my regular Dr. she told me that I have to check out the hospital in case in the end I end up needing another c-section. If I go natural then I'll be out of that place in no time but I'm scared of needing a c-section and being stuck there where they have a so so

Back to Tricia Lewis - has anyone heard of her??

teresamisu's Avatar teresamisu 02:48 PM 02-19-2013
Hi, just wanted to ask, did you ever kind out about the midwives you were asking about? I am considering a midwife..,,, thank u!!
teresamisu's Avatar teresamisu 02:49 PM 02-19-2013
Sorry find out**