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holz's Avatar holz 10:19 PM 02-03-2010
I'm getting really nervous about giving birth in this area... I'm completely set on a birth as natural as possible, but home birth is not really an option for us- it's not completely ruled out, but our location and insurance make it difficult, and my husband isn't completely comfortable with the idea.

I have a million questions, but I'll try to keep this short...

Does anybody have any midwife recommendations within a reasonable drive from the Highlands area?

Is there anyone who is on either TriCare or US Family Health Plan who's had a positive, natural birth experience in the area?

Has anybody had a positive, natural birth experience at either Monmouth Medical Center or Riverview hospital?

Thanks so much! Also any doula recs, birthing tub rental recs, etc. are more than welcome

dlm194's Avatar dlm194 01:17 AM 02-04-2010
Last time I checked, the Avon Midwives at Monmouth Medical and Jersey Shore took Tricare. I've talked to a couple women (one coming off active duty) that had beautiful births with them. Tricare will cover homebirth with CNMs (not CPMs). My midwives (Midwifery Care Associates) in Pennington take Tricare. Homebirth midwives will typically travel about an hour. I'm not sure if Midwifey Care is within an hour or not but it's worth checking out. They have hospital priviledges as well if you change your mind or need to transfer. I'm on Tricare and had a wonderful natural birth so don't fear Tricare!

I have links to a number of doulas on Scroll down to the bottom left. There are a quite a few good doulas in your area.
DinaAurichio's Avatar DinaAurichio 10:08 AM 02-04-2010

I am a home birth midwife in the area and know some of the good doctors and midwives! Please feel free to call me to ask questions!! 908-575-3282.

Dina A.
Home Birth Midwife
Asiago's Avatar Asiago 08:20 PM 02-05-2010
Originally Posted by holz View Post

Has anybody had a positive, natural birth experience at either Monmouth Medical Center or Riverview hospital?

Thanks so much! Also any doula recs, birthing tub rental recs, etc. are more than welcome
I had a fantastic experience at Monmouth Medical Center. My birth plan was followed to a T. (wonderful labor and delivery nurse and staff).
It was a water birth (we brought our pool). You can labor in their tubs but not deliver. So we purchased a La Bassine and accessories from Marla at You would need to drop off the pool prior to your estimated due date, as they inspect it, then store it for you (which was very convenient).

I had an OB though, not a midwife so I am unable to help you there. It was an all natural birth, and my OB was excellent, so respectful of my birth plan.

You can also contact Doula Rose Marie Di Mare , for reccomendation on a midwife. She works with the various OB's and midwives at Monmouth Medical Center, and I believe Riverview, but not sure. She is a joy to speak with and very helpful.

Rose Marie also rents her AquaDoula pool, so you could ask her too.

Also is founded by Barbara Harper and she is a helpful resource regarding birth professionals and hospitals.
Her contact info is on her site:
michelle123's Avatar michelle123 06:54 PM 02-12-2010
You should come to the Dar a Luz meeting this Wednesday (the 17th) in Belmar. It's a great group of women focuses on natural childbirth solutions. They have all sorts of information on doulas, midwives, etc. and many women who attend are practicing in the Monmouth County area. LMK if you'd like more info!
MommyToElla's Avatar MommyToElla 11:37 PM 02-14-2010
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Patty and Louise at Center for Women's Health in Avon. They take most insurance plans. Had both my children with them and have gotten several others to go there as well (and we're all an hour drive!). My first was born in Monmouth, second in Jersey Shore. Both were good hospitals, but for a more "natural" feeling, def. go to Jersey Shore. They let me labor and push in whatever position I wanted (they WANTED me to get up and squat to help me get her out). They let me push for over 3 hours and it was a VBAC - I think that says a lot for the midwife and the hospital right there. The baby never left my side after she was born, everything was done right in the room with us.

I was planning on using a birthing tub with my first at Monmouth - I can't remember who I called to rent one from - someone in the area - but my midwives gave me the number so they would know. I also used Dorothy Haines with Your Best Birth for my doula... great woman. Her website is

Good Luck.
goralelana's Avatar goralelana 09:22 AM 04-13-2011


i know you posted this a while ago, but wanted to ask you if you don't mind sharing who you ended up using. i live in long branch and starting to look at my options in the area for a natural birth. my 2 boys were born at a birth center, in PA but there are no birth centers in this area :(

thanks for any advice!



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i will appreciate if you can email back to my regular email since i always forget to sign in to this forum. THANKS!