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Cloth Diaper store in NJ???

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I'm looking to purchase cloth diapers and want to stop using disposables as soon as possible. I started buying on-line but it's too hard to know what to get. I had to do returns and pay for additional shipping because I wasn't satisfied once I received the products. If you know of any stores in New Jersey (preferably north jersey) please let me know. Thank you.
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iirc, theres an MDC mama who has a store in Red Bank...Little Willow maybe?
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I am also in northern nj looking for a place to buy cloth diapers, and was actually planning on taking a trip down to denville just to get some information. I went to a store in MA that was great, and they gave me a ton of info and recommended trying the "Changing Diapers, Changing Minds" package that Jillian's Drawers offers. You basically get an assortment of different styles and types of diapers to try for a few weeks. The cost is about 150, but if you send them back at the end of the trial, you get all but 10$ back.

Hope this helps!
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Little Willow pn White St. in Red Bank is closed, which is a shame because I've been there a couple of years ago and it was a cute little place. I googled the other day and found this out, but I did find their blog so maybe you could contact them through that and see if they're still in business somewhere else. Red Bank would be a reasonable trip right down the Parkway from North Jersey.

eta, this is the blog:
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hi there, it's me, the owner of the now-defunct Little Willow

I still have a garage full of stuff, including a bunch of cloth dipes, that I need to get rid of, and would be willing to sell at a decent discount if you're interested. I'd also be fine if you just wanted to stop by and see stuff, I don't mind giving free tutorials these days

drop me a PM if you're interested, we're in Basking Ridge now

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There is also Michelle at She is fabulous! she come to our Holistic Moms meeting and gave a Cloth Diapering 101. She is at the shore area, Monmouth County. She doesn't have a physical store but I believe you can set up an appt with her to view all the brands.
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hi Kristin, I just saw your post, it's being a year I think but I would like to know if you still have some cloth diapers that I can see and get a tutorial I'm in Bedminster so is very close, please tell me how I can contact you.


I will give you my email, I will be so happy to see the rest of your stuff, thanks


gabygo20 at gmail dot com

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I'm interested in Cloth diapers I live in Bedminster

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hi there


yep, I'm still lurking around and do still have a bunch of cloth diaper stuff in my garage that I would love to sell...we live in Basking Ridge these days...


I have a bunch of prefolds, covers, and fitteds, though I don't have any bumGenius one-size left (maybe one or two)


PM me and we can chat :)




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The Birth Boutique in Denville has cloth diapers.  They also have classes you can take.

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I second the Diaper Trial program from Jillians Drawers!!  It worked GREAT for us! 

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