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faeriecurls's Avatar faeriecurls 01:41 PM 06-19-2010
I have no idea where to start looking - I will have to go back to work at least part time (although I am not sure when, probably in the late fall or early in 2011) and am worried about finding a caregiver. DH & I don't want to send our DD to daycare and we don't have any family close enough to help out regularly.

Does anyone have any good places to start? None of our friends have children here so they are not resources for us. I don't want to just post/respond to an ad on Craig's list, nor to I want to hijack someone else's sitter that I see in the park.

We are in Park Slope if that helps.

mrforbes's Avatar mrforbes 07:54 PM 06-19-2010
Not sure if you are looking for a daycare situation or private care such as a babysitter/nanny but Park Slope Parents has a classifieds list where families post their nannies looking for work and when they are looking for a caregiver.

If you are looking for a day care there are reviews of daycares in the area and you could post w/inquiries. The Park Slope Parents website also has a huge section on hiring and finding a babysitter.

Also, craigslist isn't all that bad. A lot of Park Slope parents have found good caregivers there, including myself (a park slope mom w/the same babysitter for my son for going on 2 years)

Finding a caregiver really comes down to your screening, checking references & gut feeling. I worked as a nanny many years and now I'm in the position of a mom who needs part time care and it all comes down to clear communication.

faeriecurls's Avatar faeriecurls 01:03 PM 06-20-2010
I'll have to check out Park Slope Parents. I am not a member, will I still be able to look at the classifieds?

We are not planning on putting her in daycare, more of a sitter/nanny.
mrforbes's Avatar mrforbes 01:15 PM 06-20-2010
Yes you do have to join to have access to the classifieds, but there is a Free park slope parents listserv. Both Park Slope Parents and the free one are yahoo groups.

We did join and it does also give us discounts on stuff in the neighborhood, also the classifieds has helped us get rid of old baby stuff
S.Elise's Avatar S.Elise 11:17 PM 06-20-2010
I think joining Park Slope Parents will be well worth the $25 dollar fee. The best thing to do is just to do a post on either the classified or main board describing your issue. I have had overwhelming success whenever I have posted there for childcare-related stuff...someone on the board may know of open spots in the local daycares, or might be able to do a nanny-share with you.

You could also try the Park Slope Working Moms board on Yahoo...I think that one might be free...nowhere near as heavily used as PSP, but the women there do know a lot about daycare options.
suzukibeane's Avatar suzukibeane 12:48 PM 11-27-2010

I have a friend that has found her nanny jobs through NYU so maybe call them up to place a job listing? not sure where to call but...

t2009's Avatar t2009 01:03 PM 11-27-2010

I just randomly saw this posting (came up on the general "finding your tribe" as being the most current) and just wanted to chime in that my son's nanny just recently moved to NYC (Brooklyn in particular) and I am not sure but she may still be looking for a gig. She's a fabulously energetic & loving nanny (and fast on her feet in terms of keeping the kiddos safe). She was with my family for a year & my son still says her name often. She's a musician & photographer & a vegan & just generally a very fun & funky lady. She has gobs of experience (including a nanny share) so isn't the cheapest you'll find in NYC but she is worth every penny you'd pay her. PM me if you're looking for someone & I can put you in touch with her.