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Yoruichi's Avatar Yoruichi 10:39 AM 11-02-2010
I'm looking for recs on a Birth Center/Midwifery in the Philadelphia area. I'm in the NE section of Philly. I only found 2. The Birth center in Bryn Mawr (which I'm not sure if it would take too long to get there) and Valley Birth Center in Huntingdon Valley.

I would like to have the option to do a HB - although I'm not sure that's the route I want to go yet, but I don't want it ruled out.

My last birth was in a hospital, and although it was natural, it's not the experience I want again. I want to be more in control of the birth, and not be told things like "you can't get up to go to the bathroom or walk around"

Any help would be appreciated, also if there are any threads you can point me to, let me know! TIA!!

Oh and I also need some resources for preparing for a natural I had NO preparation last time.

amymaew's Avatar amymaew 12:23 PM 11-02-2010
Valley Birthplace does homebirths, too. There's also Christy Santoro in Philly ( I believe) and Kate Aseron in Chester Springs ( who both do homebirths. I think Bryn Mawr and Valley birthplace are the only two birth centers near you - there's one in Wilmington, DE, too, but that might be a bit far - it's an hour if not more from you. Hope that helps!

Oh, and for preparation - Alisson Kolodner teaches Bradley classes in Philly - highly recommend her! Good luck! Her email is [email protected], and I think she's on here but I forget her sn.
Yoruichi's Avatar Yoruichi 01:17 PM 11-02-2010
Thank you so much!! This is VERY helpful
sarah04's Avatar sarah04 06:42 PM 11-10-2010

I love Kathy Hindle, CNM (Midwifery Traditions). Her # is 215-249-9646. She delivered both of my babies at home.

chr157y's Avatar chr157y 03:43 PM 11-11-2010

Look into Hypnobabies too.  I am currently doing the home study program and have hear many positive things about it assiting during delivery.

OpenToLife_Doula's Avatar OpenToLife_Doula 01:10 PM 11-29-2010

Janet Cappetta - New Day Birth Services is based in Marlton New Jersey and does home births!    She has been a doula for years before becoming home birth certified.  She is wonderful, I've attended two births with her.  Also, there is another new midwife in Delaware who might do NE Philly births - Laura Cochran - Sunrise Midwifery (  Laura was working with Karen Webster of WomanWise Midwifery before striking out on her own after her apprenticeship was done.  She was the catcher for birth of my last daughter.  She was also really wonderful... very attentive, loves children, has always known what she wants to do, has passion, discipline and drive... really can't stay enough good about her!

beatgenxer's Avatar beatgenxer 10:03 PM 12-03-2010

another vote for Christy and Motherland Midwifery. I had my HB with her and Carrie - they were fantastic!

mamabutterfly's Avatar mamabutterfly 04:54 PM 12-08-2010

I think Valley Birthplace would be a wonderful option for you - you can decide whether to use the Birth Center or HB option with them later on, without switching practices. Good experienced, personal care, several of my friends have used them. Should be far for you from the NE.

Good luck!

Yoruichi's Avatar Yoruichi 07:33 AM 02-23-2011

Thank you everyone! I am now 16 weeks pregnant and I picked Valley Birthplace because 1.) The location. It's only 25 minutes from my house. and 2.) I liked having the option of HB, BC or hospital. I am leaning towards going the birth center because they have nice tubs! But HB keeps popping into my head too :)

chr157y's Avatar chr157y 11:52 AM 02-23-2011

Congrats on your decision!!  I can't say enough wonderful things about Barbara and Melicia! 

amandahp3's Avatar amandahp3 02:17 PM 02-23-2011

Natural Parents Network has a lot of resources for how to prepare for birth and beyond. You can check it out here. Congrats! I hope you have a wonderful experience! smile.gif

moobiegirl's Avatar moobiegirl 05:13 PM 02-23-2011

Just to let you my knowledge Valley Birthplace has decided to stop offering the homebirth option.  I am now deciding to either stay with them and use the BC or try to find a HB midwife.  

amymaew's Avatar amymaew 06:05 AM 02-24-2011

Oh no!  When did they decide that?


Originally Posted by moobiegirl View Post

Just to let you my knowledge Valley Birthplace has decided to stop offering the homebirth option.  I am now deciding to either stay with them and use the BC or try to find a HB midwife.