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gvn's Avatar gvn 01:49 PM 11-15-2010

I just learned that our wonderful UWS pediatrician, Dr. Ward, left Metropolitan Pediatrics to start her own practice. If anyone has information on how to get in touch with her, please let me know! Thank you.

sarahhud's Avatar sarahhud 01:21 PM 11-24-2010



We were heartbroken when we learned that Dr. Ward had left Metropolitan Pediatrics, too! She's been our ped for over 7 years. But I did a little sleuthing and found out that she will be opening her own practice in a few weeks (to my GREAT RELIEF):


315 West 70th Street


New York, NY 10023.


www.BigApplePediatrics.com (not working yet)


I suspect that because Dr. Ward was leaving a group practice, she may not have been allowed to contact her patients directly. So spread the word!!

Marie4's Avatar Marie4 06:10 AM 11-26-2010

Me too! She's terrific! I only found out she left last week when confirming a well visit, so rescheduled with another doc for now. Last week couldn't find any info on her except for the first posting here. Googled this morning and am so happy to see her info is up!  She truly is the best.    

gvn's Avatar gvn 12:48 PM 11-26-2010

Yes!!! I am so happy, thank you for the info. I knew there would be parents on this board looking for her as well. At Metropolitan they mumbled something about starting her own practice "down the road". I was really sad not finding any info on her yet, wondering if it'd be months or years, and imagining that she'd probably be in a different neighborhood. It's fantastic news to know that she is around, and still nearby! Thank you for making my day. I think she is one of the best pediatricians I've met, and I can be quite picky ;) She's smart, reasonable and very kind. I'll spread the word. I'm sure that her happy clients will find her and she'll be quite busy. Have a great weekend everyone!

LizY's Avatar LizY 09:28 PM 11-27-2010

I got sick and tired of waiting for dr. Ward long ago.  definitely will not go with her now.

sarahhud's Avatar sarahhud 07:34 PM 11-28-2010

I understand the difficulty waiting--sometimes I would wait for over an hour. Two reasons I never minded: I knew she always would see my kids if there was an emergency (and I didn't have an appointment). If it was just a well visit, I was happy to let the emergency visits sneak in first. The other reason I don't mind waiting is that I never felt rushed with Dr. Ward. She has always taken the time to answer my questions. I never ever felt rushed speaking with her. She's even taken out textbooks to show me--to make sure I got the information I was looking for. 

LizY's Avatar LizY 11:24 PM 11-28-2010

Well if it works well enough for you, who can argue? 


But keeping a customer waiting an hour doesn't cut it in my profession and i don't accept it here either. 


Of course Metropolitan Pediatrics will take emergency appointments - as any good practice on UWS should - but Geron and Sasala are 100% helpful and have nothing like the same crazy waiting time.  Khanna will rush you, 100% agree.  but there is a balance.  i don't need to see the books; i need a clear and level head and an appreciation for the fact that we all have schedules and appointment times to keep.

gvn's Avatar gvn 11:05 AM 11-29-2010

Personally, I agree with Sarahhud - plus recently the wait time had been really quite reasonable. Definitely better than most practices I have tried in the past. With Dr. Ward, I'd schedule my well visits first thing in the morning, or early in the afternoon, and in case of an emergency she'd always fit me in. However, if there is one less family waiting for her, it's fine by me ;) She still has plenty of happy and well cared for patients, more than enough - and one less means that there is more left for us! That said, I am going to miss the fact that at Metropolitan there were other capable and caring doctors ready in case of a true emergency when Dr. Ward was out. Take care everyone!

heathermm's Avatar heathermm 07:43 AM 12-03-2010

Thank you for posting this info!  You made my day. 


Can't wait until she opens her new practice.


Ileifa's Avatar Ileifa 11:58 PM 12-31-2010
I have been looking for a pediatrician since we moved here in July, My pediatrician in NJ was a Goddess! And Dr. Ward is literally one block away from us! One question: does she work with non-vaccinated families?

gvn's Avatar gvn 04:12 PM 01-01-2011

She is not antivaccine and she advises accordingly, however we are on a delayed/modified schedule and she is not pushy at all - very reasonable actually.

Ileifa's Avatar Ileifa 10:33 PM 01-01-2011


I think you would be hard-pressed to find many doctors who are anti-vaccination, they definitely have their purpose. But some doctors will not let you in their practice if your children are not vaccinated. Only one way to find out. Gotta call and ask! Thanks.
gvn's Avatar gvn 12:08 PM 01-03-2011

Yes, I know exactly what you mean!

LizY's Avatar LizY 10:04 PM 01-03-2011

Good luck in your search.

ASusan's Avatar ASusan 10:13 PM 01-03-2011


starbyfar7's Avatar starbyfar7 08:27 PM 01-05-2011

lleifa -


my midwife gave me an awesome listing of holistic pediatricians MANY of which work with nonvaxxing families. we're on the UWS and most of the docs in the listing are midtown/downtown.. but for an awesome pediatrician.. its well worth it! PM me and i'll pass it along to you!


also, its hogwash that you won't be able to get your child into a school without vaccinations.. my dd is magically in the 2nd grade here on the UWS.. there are such things as waivers and exemption letters

ellieworld's Avatar ellieworld 10:34 AM 01-11-2011

For those of you still going to Metropolitan Pediatrics after Dr. Ward's (devastating to us) departure, which doctors do you like/recommend? I've heard some negative things about Dr. Sasala, but I have never seen him personally. We tried Dr. Saideman after Dr. Ward left, and had an awful experience with her. Does anyone here have any doctors they like there? Any advice would be super appreciated!!

LizY's Avatar LizY 10:23 PM 01-14-2011

Not sure what you have heard, but we like Dr. Sasala very much.  thorough and friendly.  Dr. Guerin is also very good.

wanarc1220's Avatar wanarc1220 03:41 PM 02-01-2011

Dr. Salasa is very good.  He is about the only one I want to see when Dr. Ward is not available.  I am following her tho b/c she been my twins doc since they were born and much closer to our house.  So if u want to stay wit that clinic Dr. Salasa is a good choice.  

atypicalmom's Avatar atypicalmom 07:42 AM 02-03-2011

Hey Ladies, I am so thankful for this info. I just called the practice after seeing the card re: her leaving the practice in the mail today. Dr. Ward and Dr. Guerin both have an amazing bedside manner and it was very disheartening to find out that she had left without any forwarding information, and they had none to allegedly provide.


In great defense of her, she takes the time needed with her patients versus shuffling you in and out like another 'number'. I remember once when my first son was injured at about a year old, and I unknowingly was around the corner from her house while she was on call, she gave me her home address to take a look at him so that I could avoid the ER. So, she comes highly recommended in my book.


atypicalmom's Avatar atypicalmom 07:43 AM 02-03-2011

Dr. Guerin is also incredible. I will leave it at that.

Abutters2425's Avatar Abutters2425 01:35 PM 05-12-2011

HI, new to this and i just gave birth to a beautiful boy and I've been searching for a holistic pediatricians that deals with non vaccinated families i willing to travel to Manhattan downtown any info would be great one question do they accept insurances