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amandahp3's Avatar amandahp3 01:57 PM 05-06-2011

I'm wondering if anyone can tell me where the best farmer's markets are in Bucks County? I would really love to buy more local and/or organic produce and not have to travel too far to get it. Any suggestions? Thanks!

mama24-7's Avatar mama24-7 08:57 PM 05-08-2011

there is one that used to be in doylestown, not sure if it still will be or not.  there is one in wrightstown.  i think it started last weekend or the one before.  a friend's daughter sells a bunch of raw stuff there.  she's a great chef!  i think you'd likely get something if you googled either of these.  i am not a regular shopper of either, but they are ones i know of & have some experience w/ on some level.




amandahp3's Avatar amandahp3 09:01 PM 05-08-2011

Thank you! I think I came across that one on a search a while ago but didn't know when it opened. Now I know what I'll be doing this week! :)


SusanaLaLoca's Avatar SusanaLaLoca 07:52 AM 05-10-2011
There's an Amish market in Newtown. I just don't know the address. If you're familiar, its near La Stalla restaurant , Wendys and Rita's water ice, in the shopping center.