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knlrachel's Avatar knlrachel 11:13 PM 05-19-2011

I was going to Del Valley Peds in Lawrenceville, NJ but left for a multitude of reasons.  I have been at a family practice for a year now that is pretty friendly and respectful of my alternative vax schedule - but it is 35 minutes away and I am HATING having to drive that far.  The office has not been helpful at all with my ds diaper rash and want me to come in again about it (which I wouldn't mind if they would tell me something different). 


I need a place that is nearby and respectful of my parenting - not one that is going to freak out about co-sleeping or not be supportive of other alternative styles.  Any suggestions?  I have heard of Lower Bucks Pediatrics but I have also heard that they tend to be a bit closed minded about certain things and you have to push back a bit more than I would like.  Is there even an alternative med ped out there???



bwaybaby918's Avatar bwaybaby918 03:43 PM 05-20-2011

We also left Del Val Ped.  We use the Pediatric Group in Princeton, now, and they're okay.  My friends use Dr. Suzuki in Pennington and LOVE HIM!  He's a family doctor, I think, but very into holistic/alternative approaches.  My friends who use him are co-sleeping, bf-ing (past 2), etc. 



knlrachel's Avatar knlrachel 04:14 PM 05-20-2011

Thanks! I'll have to check them out.  Pennington, depending on which part may end up being too far though...  Why is it so hard to find someone?

andromedajulie's Avatar andromedajulie 02:58 PM 05-28-2011

We are at Lower Bucks Pedi and are preparing to switch. There is one doc so far that I have liked there a lot, but though the rest are really nice, they are just too conservative for me. One looked at me like I was from Mars when at her 6 mo I explained that she'd only had breastmilk, no food. on the other hand, the doc I like was totally supportive of our BLW.


We are switching back to our Family Practice, Dr. Daniel Jass in Ewing. The only reason we didn't take the baby there is that it's a very small practice and I wanted a quicker response time/easier time getting an appt. But I can get the care we want there, as far as I can tell. I wasn't there when my older child was a baby, but I like the holistic way he handles us all. 

dutchstar's Avatar dutchstar 01:46 PM 05-31-2011


i'd be happy to hear more responses from others too.  we also go to lower bucks peds, but we're not entirely thrilled with our experience there. 


anyone have experience with margiotti & kroll in newtown?



TeresaH00's Avatar TeresaH00 08:23 PM 06-30-2011
We go to lower bucks pecs. They are ok. I've never had any problems with extended bf, blw, delayed vax. Two kids have asthma. I've taken them in for sick visits on occasion. One time I went for a lung check bc dd was coughing even on her flare plan. Said her lungs were clear but offered steroids bc it had been a while she had been on her flare. I declined bc I thought we were finally improving. Her ear was red and thought it was infected (no other symptoms), they offered antibiotics. I declined. They were totally fine with that, but probably wondered why I made a sick visit if I was just going to decline their recommendations. Lol. I just wanted reassurance that her asthma was under control!

I haven't heard anything good about margiotti and krill.
saymamafirst's Avatar saymamafirst 01:43 PM 07-20-2011

I have just returned from Margiotti and Kroll. They are NOT willing to see patients who want alternative vaccine schedules. Dr. Margiotti was very nice, but he is they type that wants you to just take his word for it. He recommends cry it out, etc. When I scheduled the appointment, I asked about alternative schedules, and was told by the receptionist that they were friendly, only to waste my time going in and being told "there is no scientific evidence to support not vaccinating, you're putting your child at risk, etc.He even said, "Why should I compromise my beliefs?" I thought that was ironic.


I have called Lower Bucks Peds in Yardley, the receptionist there said they have many patients with alternative schedules, and I have a friend that goes there who concurs. We'll see.

Good luck, everyone!

dutchstar's Avatar dutchstar 01:26 PM 07-21-2011


thanks for the update saymamafirst.  


we are sticking with lower bucks peds.  i spoke with them recently to confirm that they are still okay with a delayed and spaced out vaccine schedule (i didn't start working with them until my son was almost 8months old, so i was unsure of how they handle newborn care), and they said yes.  good to know!




Houdini196's Avatar Houdini196 08:54 PM 08-09-2011

Dr. Jennifer Coren just opened a practice in Hatboro area.

You might want to look at her web site at

I think she might fill your needs.

Or you can contact her directly at


483 County Line Rd

Hatboro PA


Good Luck

saymamafirst's Avatar saymamafirst 06:13 PM 02-29-2012

We've now been to Lower Bucks Pediatrics multiple times. LOVE! We've been in to a few of the doctors there, who have all been great.


When you call in the middle of the night you get a DOCTOR.

They just moved into a beautiful new facility.

NO bullying about alternative Vac. schedule.

Doctors spend time with you and every one so far has the gift of listening.

No rushing

Good Manners

The last doctor we saw spent an HOUR responding to many questions about specific vaccines, and looked through my Dr. Sears book with me, responding to every question respectfully and in detail, allowing me to take notes. 

The doctor helped me come up with a plan for a schedule that I actually have confidence in.This respectful attitude actually resulted in a vaccination taking place that day.This is opposed to the disrespect and impatience I have encountered previously (at other doctors' offices), which resulted in no vaccination.



When I called during office hours with a question for the doctor, there seemed to be a bit of back and forth, and too many middlemen. They were very kind, and it was nothing major.





* To be clear, they do recommend a traditional vaccination schedule. The difference is that they are willing to explain why, and listen/respect when you disagree.