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newmami427's Avatar newmami427 04:25 PM 10-14-2011

Hello Everyone.  I am expecting my first child, and I live in Jersey City, NJ.  I prefer holistic prenatal care from a nurse midwife and want to have a natural birth.  As this is my first child, I am hesitant about having a home birth.  I had an initial consultation with Jessica Lawlor, who is a wonderful midwife, but she only does home birth.  Can anyone recommend a midwife that will deliver in the hospital?  I've hear Morristown Memorial is the best place in the area to have a natural delivery.  Thanks!!!   

dlm194's Avatar dlm194 07:40 AM 10-16-2011

Morristown has 2 midwifery groups - Avalon midwives and Hackettstown midwives.  I think they both have websites.  There is also a midwife (Tina Alessi) who delivers with a doctor.  I'd suggest interviewing them and seeing who is a good fit.  Good luck!

stelly's Avatar stelly 11:45 AM 10-31-2011

Judy Hagan might do that...



pagoda24 06:24 PM 11-08-2011

I have a few great recommendations for you! Check out Donna Tabas- she's in a group backed up by (and sharing offices with) Dr. Brescia and Miglaccio in Hoboken...she used to be with Lonnie Morris and I saw her for some of my prenatal care. I loved Donna and she delivers at Palisades, which, if you are in the Hudson County area one of the few nearby hospitals that I won't run screaming from (I'm a doula so I've seen and heard plenty of horror stories from HUMC, JCMC and Meadowlands). I also loved Lauren Pine-Bildner, who works in a practice with Donna, but not the same group as Brescia and Miglaccio. She delivers at Holy Name in Teaneck, in addition to doing homebirths. Bother are fantastic, fantastic midwives. Good luck! And if you are looking for a doula, feel free to pm me for my friend Marci's info- she's fantastic and in downtown JC.