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gozal's Avatar gozal 07:34 PM 05-14-2012

I have tried endlessly to find a decent source of milk that I can get on a regular basis. I'd be happy with regular supermarket organic that is not ultra-pasteurized, though something better quality would be great. I know local farmers can't sell raw and I am far enough away from all state lines to make it impossible to cross the border. (But why don't local farmers sell low-temp pasteurized, non-homogenized?!) Mail order that is not insanely expensive would be fine, dairy cowshare would be fine. I don't live near a Wegmans, WF, or TJ's. I could drive to one once a month and stock up - does anyone know if they regularly carry non-UP organic? If so, any experience with how long it lasts in the back of the fridge? If you don't mind sharing brands, I would appreciate it - I like to research the treatment of the animals. Oh yeah, I've contacted a local organic food coop but they don't carry any.


Thanks very much for any help you can send my way! 

serenbat's Avatar serenbat 08:27 PM 05-14-2012

unless you can get someone to carry it ( health food store,etc and in my area I would need to buy a case upfront and it doesn't last for us) I really don't know how you are going to get it


here is a place but they do not do mail order to my knowledge (they do via distributors)

pinky's Avatar pinky 07:46 AM 05-20-2012

If you can get to a Whole Foods, their 365 organic milk is not UP.  And comes from pasture-based cows. Some Organic Valley milk is UP, and some is not, so you have to label read carefully.


You should be able to freeze and keep the milk basically indefinitely.

gozal's Avatar gozal 09:42 AM 05-20-2012

Thanks Pinky!! I can definitely get to a WF once every month or two. I'm going to do it!

bwaybaby918's Avatar bwaybaby918 08:51 AM 05-25-2012

We also buy the 365 Organic, which is not UP and tastes SO much better than the UP brands.

howeberry's Avatar howeberry 12:56 AM 05-26-2012
Depends on where you are in the state. I think there is a delivery of raw milk in Morristown from PA. I can find out more information if that's local-ish to you.
olien's Avatar olien 06:35 AM 06-05-2012

whole foods also sells a milk from Sky Top Farms (I think) thet is not UP & is not homoginized. expensive though. Have you thought about one of the milk delivery services? I can look for some names if you want.

gozal's Avatar gozal 07:57 AM 06-05-2012

olien, I'd love to use a service - that would actually be ideal! If you have any names I would really appreciate it!

mommariffic's Avatar mommariffic 07:22 PM 06-05-2012

Udder Milk is where we get our raw milk from. They are lovely to deal with and have had nothing but delicious milk and cheeses since we started with them! 

gozal's Avatar gozal 08:01 AM 06-06-2012

mommariffic, I'm glad to hear that, I tried to email them several times and never received a reply. Maybe phone is better?

mommariffic's Avatar mommariffic 08:46 PM 06-09-2012

I think they are having trouble with their website -- I would call! 

gragedanwyn's Avatar gragedanwyn 08:57 AM 06-12-2012

Last time I was at Cherry Grove Farm (Princeton area) they were petitioning for raw milk to be sold at farm stores, not sure how far they got with that. But, they do sell raw milk cheese.

onlyAngil's Avatar onlyAngil 07:35 AM 06-15-2012
Im sorry >_<<br />
What's u.p. stand for?
budwana birth's Avatar budwana birth 03:27 PM 06-15-2012

Hi Angil, Ultra-Pasturized, I think.