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MommyToElla's Avatar MommyToElla 10:13 PM 05-29-2012

Homeschool Village Co-op is finishing up a successful first year which has catered to an under 8 crowd for which we have amassed a waiting list. For the fall, we'd like to expand to include a limited teen/tween scene if there is interest.

We meet Fridays from 10-2 in Middlesex County.
There are fees to cover insurance, facility rental, and class materials as needed.

There will be a brainstorming meeting in late June/early July for anyone interested.
Some possibilities may include teen led classes/groups, forming an Odyssey of the Mind team ( or parent inspired team building projects.

If you are interested, please pm me with your information and ages of your children.

heatherdeg's Avatar heatherdeg 10:42 PM 08-20-2012


Sarah Avery's Avatar Sarah Avery 10:46 PM 03-03-2013

Is your homeschool group still active? I'm in South River, planning to start homeschooling my five-year-old, and I'm looking for fellow homeschoolers nearby.