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LocaHijabi's Avatar LocaHijabi 02:51 PM 08-15-2012



I am looking for a midwife who can come to Central NJ for home birth and is okay to take on clients later in the game.  30weeks+


Can anyone recommend someone who is good.  This is my second pregnancy and would be my first home birth and as much as I am excited and know its the most natural and peaceful way to bring a baby into the world, I am quite nervous about the whole idea as well.


Any response and help will be greatly appreciated.



mom2tatum's Avatar mom2tatum 04:59 PM 08-15-2012

Pam and louise - google - they are in pennington I believe.

LocaHijabi's Avatar LocaHijabi 08:27 PM 08-15-2012

Thanks.. but I think I read on their site that they will take someone no later than 28 weeks, and I am still trying to decide.   I will call them and speak to them and see as well.



budwana birth's Avatar budwana birth 08:49 PM 08-15-2012



Here are a few great midwives in central NJ:


Dina Aurichio www.newbirthexperiences.com

Leslie Franco: www.soulshinemidwifery.com

Jessica Lawlor: www.indueseason.com


I am not certain of their cutoff for taking on new clients, but they're great midwives. 



*GreenMama*'s Avatar *GreenMama* 09:12 AM 08-16-2012

I used and loved Jessica Lawlor!  She's AWESOME and her midwife student, Dahlyt is amazing too!  Dina was her backup and was comforting during the birth as well. 

LocaHijabi's Avatar LocaHijabi 12:47 AM 08-17-2012

Thank you!! =)