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Liz Collins's Avatar Liz Collins 07:32 AM 10-24-2012

Hi everyone,


I have a four-month-old and i'm fairly new to the area. I would love to meet other moms who live nearby. Anyone out there?

Momo123's Avatar Momo123 10:13 AM 12-28-2012

Hi there,


This thread is old, but just wanted to say that I used to live in White Plains, now in Scarsdale. Have you checked out Full Circle Family Care? They have Mommy & Me yoga and a breastfeeding group etc that might interest you, they are not totally crunchy, but definitely natural-living friendly than most of Westchester.

Melissa Lynn's Avatar Melissa Lynn 08:39 AM 12-30-2012

Hi Liz,


I see this post is a couple months old but I thought I'd still respond :-) I am 36 weeks pregnant now and even though I've lived in the area (I live in Scarsdale) for over 2 years, I am definitely still getting acquainted with a lot especially the mom world. With my little one's arrival coming any day now, I'd really love to meet other moms too so I'm here if you ever want to chat!