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katy1844's Avatar katy1844 08:11 AM 03-20-2013

Hi Ladies,



My husband has an job offering in Buffalo and we know NOTHING about buffalo.  We are currently living in Northern VA/DC area, we like many things about here but do NOT like the cost of living that is the mean reason for the move.  Some of our questions are about the cost of living-I know housing appears MUCH less much I am wondering about the utilities, my understanding is its winter from Oct to May-is that true?  We actual like winter/snow were a family that really likes all seasons especially winter/fall and spring- I'm not big with lots of heat (I went to ASU in phoenix for undergrad and don't know how I managed the heat!) but I do worry about heating costs and property taxes.  We are currently homeschooling our children but my daughter (10) would like to consider going to 4th grade so schools are some what a consideration also, is the kindergarden full-day or half day there?  If he worked in Buffalo where should we live?  I noticed there is no whole foods or trader joes, where do people shop for organic food? and is that very $$$$.  Furthermore what is the overall culture there?  We worried there wont be much diversity, is that true?  Thank you thank you thank you!!!




changingal's Avatar changingal 12:31 PM 03-20-2013
For organic foods, people go to Wegmans. Which is similar to Whole Foods. I live south of Buffalo, I don't go there often. What I do know is Buffalo has many things to offer for families, seems to be diverse. Here are some sites to check out: https://www.google.com/search?q=buffalo+ny+family+activities&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en&client=safari
Buffalo has a high crime rate, so there are definitely areas to avoid. Overall, it's a nice place.
Chapsie's Avatar Chapsie 10:05 PM 03-24-2013

Hi Katy!  I grew up in Buffalo and now live in a suburb north of the city.  It is only winter from November to March.  :)   The past couple of winters have actually been pretty mild.  Our heating bill isn't that bad, either.  You can do balanced billing (where you pay the same every month even in the summer) and ours is $77 bucks a month (we have natural gas, baseboard heat) for a 1500 sq foot house.  It can get pretty warm here in the summer.  I think we have beautiful summers here! Taxes depend on where you decide to live.  Grand Island is a great town north of the city (10 minutes from everywhere because of throughway access) and has lower taxes and good schools.  I think we pay about $2500 a year in taxes and you can get quite a bit of house for your buck.  Our real estate market has stayed very stable over the past few years, unlike other areas.  Amherst and Williamsville also have good school districts.    Kindergarten is full day.  If you live in the actual city, the school districts are not great (they are infamous for being pretty bad actually) so I would definitely look into charter schools.  


We are getting a Trader Joe's soon in Tonawanda (YAY) and Wegmans is an amazing grocery store that carries a lot of organic food.  We also have a natural foods co-op called the Lexington Co-op on Elmwood Ave in Buffalo (lifetime membership is $80 I believe) and it is an awesome place.  We also have Feel Rite.  There are many CSA farms, too (community supported agriculture) where you can buy a share of organic food-- Thorpes, Native Offerings, Porter Farm to name a few!  I don't think its a lot of $$, but I'm not familiar enough with grocery prices in other areas to be able to compare!


Overall, Buffalo is known for being a friendly place to live.  People are very outgoing and helpful.  I really like living here.  Whenever we travel, I miss it.  


Good luck with your move, and let me know if you have any other questions.  You can PM me!

katy1844's Avatar katy1844 09:48 AM 04-03-2013

Thanks for the help!  After looking at the property taxes in amherst, I freaked out a little---grand island does seem bettersmile.gif.  Were still on the fence mostly because of the taxes......

sherryvhkb's Avatar sherryvhkb 06:54 AM 04-17-2013
I am a bit late but i recently located to the buffalo area from Brooklyn. I am living in the "South towns" area. East Aurora. It's been a loooooong winter. Much more snow than i anticipated! We chose to be out here to get a taste of nature. We bought a house with 9 acres for about what tuition per month cost in the city(NY).

Excuse typos i am on my phone.

I am not an expert but will share my experience. I adore East Aurora. They have a well preserved and active adorable downtown that just begs to be walked through. Lots of little shops and eateries like a sweet spot you find in a big city but can't afford to live in. We live just outside so lower taxes but it seems like lots to do. Parks and history art and festivals. I love the fresh air here and the options for food from the local farms. The schools public, seem great. Small class sizes and you get much more here for free than you get for $1000 month in the city. People are friendly. They dont lock their doors and leave their keys in the car!

Ok. Downside. I miss Trader Joe, whole foods, Fairway, Ikea, public transportation, and walking. I can't find a decent Mango to save my life. This is very much a car culture. I go out of my way to get to Wegmans but it is different. SO big that i spend hours hunting down what i need. It is not an organic kind of store but rather a mega box with treasures hidden throughout.

City, diversity? No. Just NO. My husband is west African. I am plain white american. We seem unusual enough to draw uncomfortable stares. You can seek out diversity, and culture, but it's just that. The city is ok for specific events- sports- theatre- or hospitals...other than that kinda seedy. Nice little zoo and science museum. Waterfrront is nice for a stroll but seems aimed at the bar/rock concert crowd.

And snow. A lot. Up through early April. We had to buy. Equipment. Really!

We were able to heat mostly with wood, and cost of living is low. We have definitely spent a lot more in gas in the car, but traffic seems non existant to me. The 8 miles i drove to work in the city took an hour. It would be15 minutes here at most.

I hope I helped. Feel free to pm me if i can assist!
Tahpenes's Avatar Tahpenes 09:34 AM 04-17-2013

Katy, we actually moved from Buffalo to Alexandria, VA a few years ago. :)


Buffalo is a city with shrinking pains. There are a lot of bad neighborhoods and a high crime rate, and the city is ostentaciously segregated (an older gentleman I knew who was a native Buffalonian once commented that the city "has always been diverse, because we had the Irish, the Italians, the Germans, and the Polish"). I don't know where your husband's job offer is, but if it's within walking distance of Main Street within Buffalo itself you might want to consider getting a house further out within walking distance of the metro. I worked downtown, and there were a few snowstorms where I don't know how I'd have gotten home if it wasn't for the trolley/subway. If you're going to live by Main Street, though, keep to the blocks off the west side of the street rather than the east side; there are many more abandoned properties and higher crime on the eastern side.


Kindergartens are mostly full-time. If you're interested in having more children in a hospital-with-midwife setting, Women's and Children's is a great hospital in Buffalo, and there are midwives who have admission privileges there. One of the best benefits of Buffalo is Delaware Park - a huge park in the middle of the city with some buildings that date back to the PanAmerica Expo held in Buffalo in 1901. The Buffalo Science Museum is also GREAT; even with access to the Smithsonians, I miss that museum.


People in the city sometimes have a kind of band-together attitude that isn't present in northern VA, mostly because of the fact that the city is shrinking and nobody really wants it to die. Because of that, there are a lot of cultural festivals and other activities which are widely attended. A significant number of folks put a lot of investment into being Buffalonians. It's a very walkable and bikable downtown, though there aren't too many businesses left. The central library (and the library system as a whole) are impressive. In addition to Wegmans and the CSAs already mentioned, the area also has a good number of large farmer's markets, including one on Elmwood, which rivals any that I've seen in the Alexandria area. Another nice thing about Buffalo is that there are a lot of day trips available, including to Niagara Falls, Toronto, Letchworth State Park, and a particularly cool, kid-friendly hike to an "eternal flame" behind a waterfall in Chestnut Ridge Park (http://www.nyfalls.com/eternalflame.html).


When I moved to Alexandria, I was struck by how many more people there are everywhere, how much worse the traffic is, how long the lines are, and how difficult it is to get a network of people together. On the other hand, the streets in Alexandria are cleaner and there's a lot more diversity. Reverse those, and you'll probably get a good idea of the cultural shocks you'll find in Buffalo.

sherryvhkb's Avatar sherryvhkb 12:15 PM 04-17-2013

How great to hear reverse perspective!! Haha about the diversity!!
I will have to check out some of the places you mentioned!
katy1844's Avatar katy1844 07:23 AM 04-18-2013

Thanks for the help Ladies, its appearing that we will be making the move after all!  For the last couple moves (yes we move a lot!) I have found a home on my own but since this is a completely new area if anyone has a realtor they really like please let me know.  My husband will be working in downtown Buffalo, we don't want more then a 30 minute commute max- which here in Northern Virginia is about 5-8 miles...really looking forward to being away from all this traffic, Taphenes, my husband and I both lived in Alexandria when we first met and then years later we spent a summer living right downtown (the parking was a nightmare-I think if we didn't have two young kids at the time we would of enjoyed it more!).  Sheeryvhkb, thanks for the tip of east aurora, the small downtown seems dreamy- we actual don't mind the snow we love the cold weather-just not the heating bills......  Most of my husbands co-workers have been recommending Amherst?  Any thoughts on that area, we want someone not too far from work-I would prefer a somewhat crunchy feelings (and I am bummed about the lack of diversity) I know a trader joes is coming soon so would love to be near that, the local farmers also sound awesome.  We are lending towards homeschooling, wondering if there is an area that has more homeschoolers then other??  Anything else you ladies think I should know before looking for a new house?  Thanks again!!!!

sherryvhkb's Avatar sherryvhkb 08:21 AM 04-19-2013
Hi. Amherst is nice but $$$$. I make it to gates buffalo general downtown in about 30 minutes. I felt chrunchiest here. I guess here the city didn't work for me, and after brooklyn i wanted to be out a bit. All the other burbs...Amherst, williamsville, seemed to be concrete blacktop sprawl. I didn't want to be in a cookie cutter house planned community adjacent to a shopping plaza. But thats just me. We got a house with 9 acres for under 100k and are renovating. I am seed starting and excited even if we just get a few carrots and tomatoes this year for the kids to have started with seeds what 2e will eat.
I am 10 minutes to Kissing Bridge ski resort. The finger lakes trail is in my backyard and people ride their snowmobiles to the store.

THAT being said. I am a 10 minute drive to a regular grocery. I am 20 minutes to any bigger stores or malls. My dh is an MD and still back and forth to BK so I sometimes feel isolated.(sahm)

I just joined an online community called buffalomommies.com to find some local like minded mommas.

Trying to type with a teething baby- haha sorry.

Let me know how it goes. I have a realtor but ibthink he is lical here

Pm me or i am same name on IG. I will put up dome pics of town up as we are goingvfor a walk soon
madler's Avatar madler 07:29 PM 04-30-2013
I grew up in Holland, NY, which sounds like it is right near you. If you are looking for like minded Mommas there are groups in East Aurora and Downtown Buffalo. Great farmers markets in both areas as well! I still miss WNY alot
tigerlilymomma's Avatar tigerlilymomma 12:19 PM 05-01-2013

I am also a Buffalo native (I grew up in West Seneca) and after 12 years of living in New Mexico I am moving back.


I am so glad I found this thread as after being gone for so long, it's nice to have a little advice. It's going to be a whole new world for me as when I was there last it was all about the local music scene and now I am trying to get into the local birth scene. ha!


well looking forward to going home!

katy1844's Avatar katy1844 02:16 PM 05-01-2013

I'm still trying to figure out the best place to live, does anyone have any ideas what areas (if any) have a more active homeschooling group.  The housing market here in Northern Va is really picking up-its been pretty down for a few years, whats everyone's thoughts on the market up there?

Chapsie's Avatar Chapsie 07:20 AM 05-09-2013

Sherry, you make me want to move to East Aurora!  I've always loved it there; my DH and I try to stay at Roycroft Inn at least once a year for an overnight date.  :)   Does your MD DH work at a hospital in the city?  I'm a nurse, so I wonder if maybe I'd recognize his name.  What field is he in?


TigerLily,  haha, I also made the jump from "local music scene" to "local birth scene."  When you move here, PM me and I'll get you connected!  :)


Katy, I used a realtor named Gerrie Andolina.  She's awesome.  I think she typically stays to the "North Towns" though.  (Grand Island, Tonawanda, Amherst).  


Don't know if any particular area has more homeschoolers than others.  I seem to find the most "crunchy" folk and the most homeschoolers living in North Buffalo.  (Probably because the school district in Buffalo is so bad that they feel like they have to homeschool).  Whenever I meet a cool, young, crunchy-type mama, and I ask where she lives, it's usually "near the zoo."  

katy1844's Avatar katy1844 02:18 PM 05-10-2013

I'm assuming the zoo is in Buffalo, correct?  Most of my husbands co-workers have suggested amherst (that's where trader joes is opening so I have been looking there) but Sherry's place does sound super dreamy  :-) I'm wondering which area has a larger homeschooling group......  I'm also looking for a good midwife if anyone has any suggestions that would be awesome!  Thanks again ladies!!



Chapsie's Avatar Chapsie 12:19 PM 05-11-2013
Originally Posted by katy1844 View Post

I'm assuming the zoo is in Buffalo, correct?  Most of my husbands co-workers have suggested amherst (that's where trader joes is opening so I have been looking there) but Sherry's place does sound super dreamy  :-) I'm wondering which area has a larger homeschooling group......  I'm also looking for a good midwife if anyone has any suggestions that would be awesome!  Thanks again ladies!!



Yep, "Zoo" is North Buffalo.  Trader Joes is actually opening on the border between Tonawanda and Amherst.  


Are you wanting to home birth?   There are two homebirth CNMs in the Buffalo area.  Khristeena Kingsley (wnymidwife.com) and Eileen Stewart (buffalomidwiferyservices.com).  I saw Khristeena for the most amazing prenatal care and had a wonderful homebirth with her 6 weeks ago.  :)   I can't recommend her highly enough.  Both are out of network for most major insurances, so you have to pay the fee upfront and then hope to be reimbursed by insurance afterward.  Homebirth in NY is more pricey than other areas because NY only recognizes CNMs, not CPMs.  Look for prices above 4K for midwifery services.  


If you want a hospital based practice, the only group that guarantees you will have a midwife at delivery is Nurse Midwifery Associates of WNY (Sarah Worrell and Elaine Clutterbuck).  They just reorganized their practice and now deliver at South Buffalo Mercy Hospital.


I also know a lot of wonderful doulas if you will need to get in touch with one of them eventually.  :)

ms jacklyn's Avatar ms jacklyn 02:58 PM 05-24-2013

Buffalo mama here... Not sure if you are still looking for a midwife but I am working with Eileen Stewart and she is great, very open to your opinions and wants while balancing what will realistically work in your situation. Unfortunately, the insurance coverage is a problem like someone else pointed out... We are looking at about $4200 total for her services.


As far as some things other posters have noted - there seems to be an inherent suburban bias in this thread. I've always lived in the city (9+ years) and yes, it is rocky at times but I prefer it to the sprawl of neighborhoods like Amherst, Williamsville, Orchard Park or Hamburg. My opinion - DO NOT MOVE ONTO THE EAST SIDE - Too much crime and blight. The west side is growing and improving, I personally prefer Elmwood Village. It is centrally located to all the amenities mentioned and it has a high walkability rating. You can find a beautiful old Victorian home in EV for very reasonable prices and most of the families in the area are some variant of "crunch."


Welcome to Buffalo!



@tigerlily "music scene to birth scene" - same here!!

madler's Avatar madler 10:28 AM 06-04-2013
It made me so happy so happy to read your post. I lived in the Elmwood village for five years. That was where I met my husband! It is a great place and a true neighborhood. Random strangers become friends and every race, belief and creed is accepted as they are..
katy1844's Avatar katy1844 02:21 PM 06-04-2013

So is Elmwood in Buffalo? When you say to stay away from the east side do u mean in Bufflao? I have seen some beautiful older homes online that are in buffalo, but most of these homes are on little lots and the one thing my husband is big on is land.....the beautiful homes in buffalo that have a bigger lot are $$$$.  We still haven't made it up there yet, but it appears from what little research we have done and suggestions from my husbands co-workers (who could have completely different taste then us-who knows) we have kind of focused our searching in two areas one is Orchard Park/Aurora which we've heard is the "snow" area-not sure what that means......  From what we've heard its a quaint area that has a small town feel but not too far from the city.  The other area we've heard a lot about is Amherst/Clarence area any ideas of either of these areas. the other thing I keep hearing about Buffalo is its very industrial...... not sure what that means but were camping/hiking outdoors people so it does make me a little nervous.  It looks like the move date will be early August, I figured we'll be a hotel till we find a place (good times me three young kids and pregnant!).  I am hoping for a home birth but am curious if there is a birthing center in the area?  Thanks again Ladies you Rock!!!

ms jacklyn's Avatar ms jacklyn 12:16 PM 06-05-2013

Elmwood Village is in the heart of Buffalo: http://elmwoodvillage.org/ <- Great resource. The east side definitely means within Buffalo city limits but it can also spread out a little bit (University Heights, a neighborhood within Buffalo, borders the east side as do some suburbs like Cheektowaga).


I think by "snow area" they mean that that ring of suburbs tends to get heavier snowfalls than other areas. Buffalo in general gets a lot of snow but our reputation is far worse than the reality. Generally, the highways and main thoroughfares are clear by morning and heavily salted. If you have never driven in snow, be prepared to get a crash course your first winter.


The places you mention (Amherst, Clarence, Orchard Park, East Aurora) are all very nice places. Amherst/Clarence are north of Buffalo proper, while Orchard Park/East Aurora are south. Sounds like you are not a city dweller so don't worry too much about the "industrial" reputation. What that generally means is that Buffalo was in it's heyday during the turn of the century (1900s) so there are a lot of old factories and grain mills that ring the city. Most people think of this as blight but some of the old buildings are quite beautiful and the Preservation Society does a lot to try and retrofit them. If you go outside to the suburbs, this is generally less of an issue as they are not as old as the city. (I used to teach a civics & media program to high school students, lots of knowledge of Buffalo!) 


And finally, a birthing center... Nothing official yet but my midwife and the doctor she is affiliated with are working very hard to get a freestanding birth center up and running. Who knows, you could end up being one of their first patients! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Birthing-Center-of-Buffalo/361472017271492


Feel free to pm me with more questions. My husband and I actually decided to leave Buffalo in order to be closer to his family... I'm definitely going to miss it here.

madler's Avatar madler 05:58 AM 06-07-2013
The east of Downtown Buffalo that you are hearing the " bad" rumors about is most likely the "fruit belt" it is a section of streets near the medical corridor downtown. Very economically depressed and deteriorated, unsafe and just better to avoid. East side refers to East of Main Street. When you travel north of the immediate downtown area you get to Univeristy heights, which is not a great family area as it has a lot of college housing and economically depressed residents. Elmwood village and most of the West side have really gentrified and come up. There are so many neighborhood and kid friendly events. People a taking the area back one street at a time a it's beautiful. The major streets in that area are obviously Elmwood, then Richmond, Delaware, are the major North and South routes. I would include Baynes as well since so many blocks have really turned a rounded. Within this neighborhood there is the international school. There are like 40 languages spoken there. This is representative of the refugee population in Buffalo. A great event that will show your family a great view of the city is either the Elmwood art festival or the Allentown art festival. For either wear good walking shoes and be prepared for crowd but great kid friendly stuff. The Lexington coop remits their entire parking lot into a kids festival. It is pretty great.
katy1844's Avatar katy1844 07:52 AM 06-25-2013

Hi Ladies,


We finally have a move date of August 1st, we will be coming up the first week of July to look around and see which areas we will be interested in hoping to narrow it down between the Amherst area and the orchard park area.  While I haven't found a realtor yet (and frankly I found and bought my last house without a realtor and saved the 3% so I'm on the fence about using one) however since we don't know the area I have been leaning towards using a realtor but frankly I haven't found anyone that I would want to use.  I've made a few calls on houses that we have seen on online that we like and ALL the realtors that are representing the homes haven't been concerned at ALL with my questions about the homes but if I have a realtor and once they find out I don't its the hard sales pitch how they know the area the best all about them etc etc etc.  Makes me nervous that their not at all working for the clients they ALREADY HAVE......I could barley get a word in with the one I called last night.... I just wanted to know if the house she was representing has a basement!  All the amherst realtors are really harsh about 'down' in orchard park/aurora area is the HIGH snow area and no one really wants to live there- is that true? They have really been surprisingly pushy-I'm wondering if this is a cultural thing?  Plus lots of "talk" about how it's a sellers market and I need to be aggressive things are FLYING off the market etc etc- the market there has gotten MUCH better in the last year but I've been looking and researching for a few months now and those aren't really the facts, sigh irked.gif so I'm not interested in a realtor that thinks fear should be my reason for offering on a home..... to complicate matters I will be about 4-5 months pregnant by the time we get there and I've been sooo sick this time around and while I "KNOW" I shouldn't rush into buying something we can't really afford or really want I don't want to spend months in a hotel with three kids and pregnant...... the realtor I spoke with last night said that in NY they don't use title companies but attorneys and the average closing in a house is 2-3 months!!!-is that right???  ?  My bank can guarantee a 20 day closing and I've even closed on vacant homes in two weeks before (yes unfortunately, this is not my first time moving at least this time I'm not 38 weeks along-that time really sucked!)  I'm REALLY hoping that realtor wasn't completely truthful and it doesn't take that long to close.....on the subject does anyone have any suggestions for short term housing??


Last question- does anyone know anything about the wisteria school? It has a homeschooling program where homeschoolers can come on Fridays that looks VERY dreamy to me!!  

Thanks again so much ladies this thread has been a LIFESAVER!



madler's Avatar madler 05:21 AM 06-29-2013
Unfortunately the rumors you are hearing about closing taking a long time in NY are mostly based in fact. We had an offer accepted the day after Thanksgiving and didn't close until Jan 13th. Attorneys muddy up the water. You are spot on about the realtor you spoke to trying to pressure you. The market is improving but Bufffalo isn't Seattle, the hard press is not there. It will be harder in you in NY without a realtor but it can be done. Stay strong! Also anyone in Amherst Tonawanda area has a distinct opinion about the south towns in a negative way. Many feel it is some how lesser. it's NOT, there are just some people who are judge mental and superior and many of them choose to live in Amherst.
katy1844's Avatar katy1844 07:19 AM 07-18-2013

So I finally came last week for my house hunting trip.  Will have to say I thought we were going to end up in the south of buffalo.... homes were less and so were taxes-but it was just a bad bad bad fit.  I knew there wasn't going to be much diversity....but I guess it was just too much of a shock for my systemblush.gif.  We loved Elmwood area, but can't really afford private school and my kids need a bit of a yard that didn't seem very possible in that area.  The whole area was a bit of a shock to the system.... with that said we liked williamsville the best-but DAMN those taxes r INSANE..... were still trying to figure out if we should bite the bullet and figure it out..... we are also considering Clarence, not because I really liked it but because the taxes are so much less there, although there are still VERY high.  I had a rough time finding healthy organic or local food restaurants, is that just something that doesn't exist in the area?

forestfoster's Avatar forestfoster 11:48 AM 07-24-2013

Lexington Cooperative Market on Elmwood Ave. is where I do all my shopping for organic and health food.  Occasionally I go to Wegmans.  For restaurants, the Elmwood strip is full of vegetarian/ vegan/ ethnic cuisine that is relatively healthy.  My favorite restaurants in the city are Saigon Bangkok on Niagara Falls Blvd, Sun Restaurant on Niagara St., Taste of Thai on Hertel Ave., and India Gate on Elmwood.  Do you mean you can't find good food in Clarence?  I don't know of any there.I don't know much about Clarence.  My idea of it is a quiet, middle-class, white suburb.  I think it has good public schools.  It is not "hip" in any way that I know of.


I rent in the Elmwood Village.  I wouldn't be able to afford to buy a house in this neighborhood, but rent is affordable.  A lot of my peers are buying fixer-uppers just West of the Elmwood Village.  It seems that area is gentrifying.  If I were looking to buy a house around here (less expensive than Elmwood village with a yard but not rural) I would probably try East Aurora, although that would be a longer commute into Buffalo.  I think Amherst/ Clarence area is a decent option too.  If you do decide to stay in the city limits (perhaps just west of Elmwood Village) the public schools are mostly bad with the exception of a couple very good high schools.  But there are some great charter schools that you could look into.

sherryvhkb's Avatar sherryvhkb 04:46 AM 07-26-2013
Hi. Sorry I've been away for so long. It looks like you've been busy. Sorry south/east aurora didn't work out. No diversity....except at our house. All the areas/burbs seem different and very competitive to me....kind of like high school girls putting others down to prove their own popularity. I have found and enjoyed many farmers markets and farm stands. Yes wegmans is OK. Local foods restaurant...not really. Every time I return from the city I cringe at what is "organic" in the stores here....I have taken to bringing groceries back with me.

I have bought and sold 4 homes in NY state. Bank approvals. Lawyers at the ready....it is slow for no good reason. I would stipulate some kind of early entry. They should let you rent prior to closing especially if the house is vacant. If not find out about sellers timeline to close. I once liked a house but the seller wanted 90 days to close so they had time to relocate.
I had some in laws that lived in Clarence. They had a nice small and a bit dated - home with a large tree lined yard on a quiet street.
Good luck. August is almost here. Renting? Craigslist. Just try to get in the same school district you will live in or it will be impossible to register. Make sure you have a rental agreement or home contract to give the school to confirm your address.

Best wishes!
sherryvhkb's Avatar sherryvhkb 12:04 AM 09-03-2013
I hope your in and settled. I was just thinking of this and wondered where you landed.
katy1844's Avatar katy1844 11:01 AM 09-12-2013

Ugh it's been HORRIBLE to be honest.  We have spent two months looking for a house (while we all have been in a hotel- 3 kids pregnant it stinks!).  We had one offer accepted in Clarence-inspection was NOT good :-(  just placed another offer and it was countered too high sigh.  We are so desperate we are looking EVERYWHERE within 30 minutes of downtown Buffalo.  So exhausted were now thinking of renting. Have to say the other REALLY heartbreaking thing has been the birth options here--HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE.  No midwives allowed in the hospital in amherst-the one doc I have been referred to as more natural delivers at sisters and sisters WON'T allow the baby to stay in the room with the mom if she is asleep-so baby spends all night in the nursery???!!!  So i drive 40 minutes to a midwife all the way in  batavia with all three kids waited over an 1.5 for 15 minutes with her-seriously was in tears by the end of the day...my husband thinks its too far to drive in labor I can't imagine the hospitals here and home births are so $$$$$ and the one lady I meet that used the home midwife I was going to use didn't have good things to say about the experience aragh!!!!  Ok sorry for the rant:irked

mikavela's Avatar mikavela 02:49 PM 09-12-2013
Hi Katy,
I think I met you at the homeschool playdate last Friday (I'm the one that just moved from WA with a 4 year old girl and one year old boy). Sorry to hear things are so rough. If you're on FB...here is another place to ask about midwives/doctors... https://www.facebook.com/groups/WNYHolistic/

sherryvhkb's Avatar sherryvhkb 07:48 AM 09-13-2013


wow. It sounds like your having a bad start here.  That is tough about the houses and closings here also take so long.  I'm not sure what to say about the housing search as i don't know detail on much more that my own South towns experience- but then we were looking for a bit of a lifestyle change from the city where we still have a house and spend part of our time.  I like orchard park and Hamburg but those are just places I venture out to beyond East Aurora.  No diversity other than my own family.

I also don't have much info about the birth scene.  I would say home births are not the norm.  How soon are you due?  My daughter went to western NY ob/gyn associates and delivered with a nurse midwife at Mercy Hospital.  I'm not sure what the official "rules" say but she had a nice low intervention delivery with a nurse midwife.  They had nice big jetted tubs in the L&D suites and were pro natural even though she ended up wanting an epidural.  They only did an IV for that reason.  They had rules about no visitors under 14 non sibling but my other daughter was there with us and when it came time to start pushing I was going to send her to the waiting room but they (RN, CNM) encouraged her to stay and be a part of the birth.  They left the baby with her all the time sleeping and awake.  She actually had to ask them to take him at one point in the night when she was feeling overly tired and nervous and they brought him right back in an hour later.

As an L&D nurse myself I will say that many of the "rules" are only there for us to use if we need them in a bad situation.  I was happy with the care and think that had my daughter wanted a more natural experience ahe'd have had no problem.  They tried to talk her into walking and the tub but she was a first time mom with a very low pain tolerance.

I know i'm not much help other than wishing you luck.  I ended up renting first due to the slow closing on our house but that was a foreclosure and took months.  The set 6 week closing date was end of August and we didn't get in til November.

I wish I could be more help.

Best of Luck-

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So I have read through this thread and am feeling ya momma! We are in Olean, about 2 hours from Buffalo and can't find a midwife, natural foods, bulk herbs 😠 I'm so sorry for your stress. I know it sucks being pregnant and dealing with this craziness. My thoughts are with ya.
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